TRavel Video Photo Blogging Tripping Around Niagara Region Ontario Canada Looking for Pet Friendly Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Inns, Cafes

TRavel Video Photo Blogging Tripping Around Niagara Region Ontario Canada Looking for Pet Friendly Hotels, Restaurants, Motels, Inns, Cafes




the idea girl says

I had a brilliant idea about my pet toy poodle Daisy.  This was our year to TRAVEL and stay in hotels, visit restaurants, shopping centres, retail stores, motels, Inns, Bed and Breakfast in and around Ontario Canada.

I hope to expand the trips into the USA (we have our EDL Licences, we just have to sign up for some medical insurances, and save our pennies to do long distance travels, which costs money!)

I work on a very LIMITED budget, I cut back on buying groceries (go on a diet) and use the normal STOCK UP on GROCERIES Shopping and Sales monies to TRAVEL with during the cooler months.

I stock up on groceries from Oct – Dec and live off the foods until March, then I clean out the cupboards and freezer giving some of it away to friends or those in need.

I find in summer months the cupboards get too hot and it makes canned goods go tinny and the fridge works overtime to keep things COLD

I’m thinking of investing in a small freezer to put burgers, chicken burgers, chicken fingers, french fries, potato patties, vegetables (green, yellow beans, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli) and we shred up 3/4 of the 500g of Cheese, using it for omelets, egg dishes, topping on pasta’s and spaghetti dishes we make at home, or a home made pizza… mmmm

for snack nights.

Usually when we watch our favorite TV shows – WWE RAW, Last Man on Earth, American Idol we have snacks, goodies (chips, pop and junk food snacks – sweets) and the rest of the week we try to avoid those high fat high in sugar foods.

Our Trips March, April – St Thomas, Toronto, Scarborough, Niagara Falls, St Catharines are being filmed and photos of where we go to find cool things to do with DAISY or without our pet.  I have a variety of cool things to blog about on my Travel blog

idea girl canada on wordpress. 🙂

I write my project ideas here, and journal things on my schedule and blog what they are on the different blogs for their category.

Dam my cell phone keeps going OFF while I’m trying to upload my pictures!

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