Writing Travel Blogging Pet Friendly Hotels March, April 2015 on Idea Girl Canada WordPress

Writing Travel Blogging Pet Friendly Hotels March, April 2015 on Idea Girl Canada WordPress

the idea girl says
17 April 2015
I’ve created a tab page at the top of the IDEA GIRL CANADA WORDPRESS blog

Our filming project for 2015 is finding places to go with your dog, cat – hotels so far.
I was looking for restaurants and cafe’s in toronto (did a drive by and it was too busy to park there) so I’m going to have to see what’s online as a guide for that and then go visit, photo, film it and share it on the travel blog – idea girl canada wordpress.

The tab at the top of the page will give a list of hotels that we visit, stay and give our ideas and comments on negative or positive things that happen, our story, our trip there. I will also blog my suggestions to improve it’s customer service, how I handle complaints, whom I contact, and what the result of that contact or complaint is…
the first experience with the Comfort Inn in St Thomas (3 nights stay at different times) didn’t go well, we did get some rest, but I couldn’t work on ANY of my projects due to stress, anxiety and inconveniences as a result of problems with the hotel stay. That will be shared, the stories on the travel blog with photos as well.

I am also finding out that pet friendly doesn’t necessarily mean the hotel is really pet friendly. As a first time traveler on this project, I wasn’t too happy with how it turned out, a lot different than what I originally thought it would be. So I’ll be looking to see if there’s hotels that really provide a “pet friendly experience”.

I was told there’s a cool restaurant in San Diego, California that feeds a pet at a table and the menu is for dogs and people…. I hope to find a way to do THAT trip in the future, it sounds like something I’d like to see happening here in CANADA. If you know of places you can recommend, facebook them to me… thanks!


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