Lays Chip Snack Bags Box of 18 @ 28g – Walmart Shopping Diabetes Carb Sugar Counts

Lays Chip Snack Bags Box of 18 @ 28g – Walmart Shopping Diabetes Carb Sugar Counts

the idea girl says

I had this bad habit of when I watch TV with Harry & Daisy (American Idol, WWE, RAW, Smackdown or Movies, DVDs etc) I like to EAT chips.

Well I first started with my LARGE soup bowls, then down to medium than small to limit portion size. Put a bag in front of me with 250 g of chips and I’ll munch the whole bag away without even noticing or remembering to eat them!

So I spotted this BOX of 18 little chip bags and figured it’s the correct portion size and it tells me my carb sugar diabetes snack or lunch counts.

1 pkg
15 g carbs, 0 sugar

(this is actually great in the carb, sugar department for a snack on the run or a ONCE in a while treat…

Bite Sized round Tostitos

40 chips (counting them out? NAH I just pour them into my little bowl (the size a restaurant gives you to eat coleslaw in).

32 g carbs, 0 sugar
(doubled the lay chips! yikes!)
I love a large soup bowl of these with pizza dip or garlic salsa and cheese dip so this will only be allowed for birthdays, or other events, and try not to eat too often, bad in carbs!!!!

Medium Salsa Con Queso
4g carbs, 0 g sugar!

I can eat lots of THIS.. with.. lol?

then I look at the serving size. NOOOOOOO!!!!!
2 tsp!!!! lol sucks to be me! lol

Scoops Tostitos
serving 23 chips

33g carbs, 0 g sugar

restaurant style (my usual)

serve 12 chips (I usually have about 30 to 50)
34 g carbs, 0 g sugar

so this I had to REALLY cut out of my diet, to reduce my sugar and carb intakes.


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