7 UP can of POP Walmart Drinks Diabetes Sugars CArbs Counts TERRIBLE FOR YOU!!!!!

7 UP can of POP Walmart Drinks Diabetes Sugars CArbs Counts TERRIBLE FOR YOU!!!!!

the idea girl says
I always have a can of pop with four ice cubes in a big glass with my SMALL bowl of chips or popcorn, doritos (for when I watch a TV show or movie – it is my usual junk food night treat)

I used to have 3 to 4 cans a day if I was out and about for lunch, supper (eating out while travelling and then tea time, and late night munchies until I found out why my sugars were skyrocketing so much!!!)

12 cans @355 ml
try to drink only half of the can (I share the other half with harry!)
42 g carbs (OMG!!!!)
42 g sugar (OMG OMG!!!!!)

I refuse to drink diet pops, because the sugar additives increase my blood pressure making it go higher and it has been linked to heart attacks, so If i HAVE to have a pop (usually I limit it to 2 nights a week or less if I can – substitute with lemonade, or a juice, or buy a zero carbs, sugar drink at the bulk barn)

I noticed WALMART finally started to have this type of pop in their stores. HOwever there are no studies on the type of sugars they use in the pop so use at your own RISK 🙂


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