WordPress Themes Taking Forever To Upload Photos from Cell Phone App – New Blog uploads in seconds!

the idea girl says



WOW! Signal Data is coming along nicely, I’m up to page 70? in Blue book notes 1

I’m saving my banner so that when I change the THEME on the blog it will upload the photos faster, but then I’m afraid to loose all pages and links set up. (that’s happened before)

so maybe I will just set up a mirror site for alien space science news photos!

I’ll upload the diagrams and sketches on that blog and post them with links to the articles I write on the blog that’s also filling up too!

it will be easier than changing the wordpress theme.  this old one is crappy and yet another old one is great for uploading my travel, tourism photos and  my WOW! signal data research keyword formula search diagrams and sketches.


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