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The Idea Girl Canada Photographer says a Pictures says a Thousand words…

blogger linda randall drinking coffee cultures promo lemonade with blue berries drink photo by harry june 2015 the idea girl says what do you think about when you see a photo? Each picture tells a story. I love catching people’s … Continue reading

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Interviewing Politicians, Canadian Motor Speedway TV RAdio MEDIA Consultants June 2015

the idea girl says The Liberal’s are out there looking for your votes. I bumped into one of them at Tim Hortons! 🙂 then I walked into the Grand Opening of the Canadian Motor Speedway OFFICES in Fort Erie and … Continue reading

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Blogging Photos Travels Dunnville, Oakville, St Catharines, Niagara Falls Ontario Canada June 2015

Won ton Soup Best in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada – Country Fresh Donuts Review the idea girl says I love food! Especially if it’s home made. I like to blog about great restaurants to eat at if you are visiting … Continue reading

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