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blogging in 2015, I’ve managed to snap several hundred photos and blog them on my two story blogs – idea girl canada photo story on wordpress and idea girl canada on wordpress. I continue to be creative so it doesn’t cost me a dime to blog on the internet, other than my internet costs and time and well the gas expenses are lots but I implement those in my monthly budget.

sometimes I wish I had a sponsor to help pay those costs so I could travel further and do more for the travel, tourism industry in ontario canada.
It’s encouraging to see several businesses and retail stores, restaurants have opened in Fort Erie Ontario Canada.

It’s been a three year project to try and get back the 10,000 jobs that were lost in this area. The tourism industry when we came here in 2012 was at a standstill and people felt hopeless and aggrivated here.

Both Harry and I have worked hard here to generate a tourism industry and the fruits of our labours are starting to pay off! Finally! after three years, I can see a change, an excitement that wasn’t here before!

new people are moving into the area, and expanding the business sectors in leaps and bounds. Not everyone is aware of all the changes because our local news usually covers each thing one at a time instead of taking a back look for the past year of all the changes (which I am going to suggest that we do so all can see what a difference it is here now.)

It took some energy out of us, trying to change the way people need to think. Look outside of the box, not what you’ve seen for the past thirty years in this area, but what we can make happen, step by step with changes here and there.

Many of our businesses are on Facebook and are benefitting from it. Blogging and video blogging, taking photos and mapping out locations has helped as well with the International Tourism Industry here booming!

Someone mentioned that Niagara Falls Ontario has never been so busy! AWESOME NEWS! it’s working! global bloggers unite together for a cause, to promote our own areas of interest for others to enjoy!

That’s what I do for fun! and fun it is! It’s exciting to meet people that say hello and recognize us in and around the niagara region especially if they are from overseas, I think it’s cool when I meet a person from London England, Scotland, India or Australia that’s read our blog and has come here to visit… It’s a pleasure to hear their stories of their homeland and the cool things to do there..

I wish Harry wasn’t afraid of heights. Neither one of us feels comfortable about getting on an airplane to travel the world. Harry would like to drive but I’ve informed him it’s kind of too far to do that too! lol

Gasoline just to go to toronto for us is $50 so we don’t go there too much (wish we could go more – since there’s cool stuff to do there too!)

we did our longest road trip this year to Windsor! We didn’t spend much time there because we were cranky doing the “Pet Friendly Hotels” series of videos!

I have NO idea what were going to do next year, but I know we’d like to head out EAST but so far I am not finding too many “pet friendly hotels” in that direction which is a bit of a bummer if you ASK me. 😉

I’ll keep you posted!
For now I enjoy my new WWE channel woo woo go total diva’s go!!!!

and watching sci fi movies (gives me alien and other ideas about world disasters, we need more education like films that are entertaining so people can be trained in an enjoyable non stress way on what to do should a disaster happen in their areas.)

I am also working on more WOW! SIGNAL data research – drawing diagrams from the formula’s keywords, and doing more word research on GOOGLE to figure out what each scientific, physics terms mean since I keep forgetting it! Even after four years, I only seem to retain a set number of words and thoughts and the rest I go blank, and thats pretty frustrating! but I’m going to be like a horse and a plough keep moving forward.. one step at a time!

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