line 7b97z229 Alien Radio Signal WOW! SETI NASA Diagrams 1 – 8 Instructions to Build a Crystalline HiGGS Quantum Flux UFO Engine

line 7b97z229 Alien Radio Signal WOW! SETI NASA Diagrams 1 – 8 Instructions to Build a Crystalline HiGGS Quantum Flux UFO Engine

84 views – 12 sept 2015.

see Diagrams 1 to 8 formula notes instructions here on my blogging index page
the idea girl says

I started the WOW! Alien radio signal project November 2011. I began drawing diagrams of what the messages from the keywords mean because people didn’t know what they meant.
Now the drawings are showing instructions on how to build a crystalline super lattice Y structured UFO engine design.
Alien Technology, since there’s nothing (public knowledge) of any sort of long distance space ship built to these quantum transport directions.

It uses crystalline super lattice walls, with a mix of electron holes, particle signals, higgs boson signal events, and spinning proton rings with various plasma’s and gasses to run this engine.
it’s not using rocket fuels of any kind and any type of energy it generates it recycles, so it’s very GREEN in that sense!

I’ve blogged up to Diagram 126 as of September 12, 2015 and created two websites to do it.

The video research is originally on the idea girl says youtube channel.

the formula’s instructions are blogged on alien space science news on wordpress

and since I ran out of photo room on that blog, I started blogging the diagrams for the UFO engine on alien space science news photos on wordpress.

both sites are being linked to one another in each blog post
and Im indexing what diagrams I blog on what dates, with a small description of what the diagrams are of.

It’s complicated because I have to GOOGLE the videos to find the keywords that came up in the formula, and since it’s been four years, google isn’t bringing everything up.
I tried searching on youtube the idea girl says channel and it brings EVERYTHING up in a mix!

so this is going to be more time consuming then I planned.

Since my health has suffered in the past several years, it’s been hard to keep up my original pace of 13 hours a day 7 days a week (I filmed over 2000 research videos) during that time.

now i’m down to a few hours a week, because it’s all I can do… sorry but that’s all I can handle.
So I hope you’ll be patient. I will make little commercials on the idea girl says youtube channel to let you know which diagrams are up and what they are about.

I got a new cell phone (yaaaay clearer pictures) but it still takes 1 hour to upload ONE youtube video! YIKES!

So I have to try and figure out how to change that factor so I can get this going faster!
in the meantime, take a look at the formula notes, and videos because I dont cover EVERYTHING from the research videos in the diagrams, I am just drawing keywords only to try and figure out what it means.
I’m shocked because so far every single diagram is different! and I’ve drawn over 200 of them!

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