Writing Blogging SORE HAND puts damper on posting for 2 weeks….

the idea girl says

I’ve got an OWIE!!!!

my hand’s sore and right arm (the one I USE all the time) so it’s been PAINFUL to try and blog for the past 2 weeks.

before that I was just taking things EASY *wink*

too much stress lately in personal life, so I’ve calmed everything down.

We did lots of hiking, taking photos (this always RELAXES ME!) and visited a few community events.

I’ve uploaded up to 109 pages of photos! on idea girl canada photo story.

Now I’m trying to catch up still from photos uploaded from May 21 2015!

yep! that’s how far I am behind. I’ve been mostly concentrating on the UFO engine design ideas.

It’s been 4 years of research!

see next post!


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