Reading Writing Blogging Sean Carroll – The Particle at the End of the Universe – The Higgs Boson

Reading Writing Blogging Sean Carroll – The Particle at the End of the Universe – The Higgs Boson
the idea girl says
I loved reading Sean’s book! It was easy to understand (except for SPIN & MASS – I went to youtube to find a video to explain it to me because I was too tired to read anymore and I wanted to finish the book before I had to return it lol)

I have drawn 97 pages of diagrams, based on the particle physics, CERN Large Hadron Collider and the Standard Model of Physics. Just so I could have some concept of what I’ve been working on for the past 4 years = since November 2011!

my 4 year anniversary doing the alien radio signal WOW! SETI NASA research!

It’s November 3, 2015 and I’m still working on it in the early hours of the morning, late at night, during the day. I eat and breathe this project, for FREE. It’s a hobby, a passion – with the goal to advance our space technology and it looks like the particle accelerator in the UFO engine design is going to help CERN find more particles too!

They have created so many new inventions and advanced technology over the years. Many of the things you buy to work with or play with, can be attributed to their hard work!

Kudo’s to them for being so persistent and for our world governments spending $9 billion dollars to find out answers to our universe, how it works, what it is capable of and etc…

The search for the higgs boson (over 30 years or more?) had a glimmer of hope when CERN announced in July 2012 they had found a particle at 125 GEV.

I’m still learning what 125 GEV means lol But thanks to Sean’s book I have a better and deeper understanding of how the WOW! signal data is going to change the standard model into a whole new world of physics!

I sent an email asking them to look into the data. I never heard anything back. Then I noticed a jump in stats on the blog – alien space science news 73 views! from SPAIN?

I never get Anyone from spain! So I google search to see if CERN is in spain. YEP they have a trainee course starting there. cool!

Now they can evaluate the ideas and try them out, and find more particles *wink*
those pesky little tiny 5 higgs bosons (yep there’s 5 more for you to discover!)
at the Large Hadron Collider and other testing facilities around the world.

But the notes from Sean’s book are going to be really exciting. I can blog what YOU HAVE and then what I have and we’ll compare notes and then i can hopefully show you how to change your standard model of physics. based on this WOW! Signal data info… 🙂
stay tuned!

I posted Sean’s book trailer on my AUTHOR’s blog

i did a google and found them here! (CERN Spain)

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