Writing Fixing Youtube Video Comments – Gloria Loria Album 2015 Announcement

writing Fixing Youtube Video Comments – Gloria Loria Album 2015 Announcement

the idea girl says
as you know I made a boo boo assuming that Gloria Loring was going to sing a new song in the movie “the secrets of the Keys” from Robin Jay.

I found out AFTER that she did a piece in the film (and a very good one, she made me CRY!!! Dealing with Grief – The Key of Vibration (I’ll be blogging my movie review soon!)

So I went back to all the music video’s I blogged and commented on saying that Gloria has a new song in the movie the secrets of the keys. So I changed it to she’s Starring in the movie.. and edited each one (I hope I found them all there were quite a FEW!)

during the search i found out that Gloria’s also got another name that she’s under for her Country Music hits! Cool so i’ll find more material to blog.

I Plan to look at the other actors in the film as well and take some time to blog their stuff (I only can do so much each week so i work on one person at a time).

Since Gloria Loring is well known as an actress (millions watched her TV show as the character Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives (which is no longer on TV (according to a friend of mine that LOVED the show).

I looked at her material first. The funny thing was I was just blogging her MUSIC videos and didn’t realize she was an actress until I checked up on her WIKIPEDIA. I’m terrible with people’s names. Sometimes I can remember a face, but not always. sorry but that’s ME. 🙂

I did recognize her in the new film. I have to look up the three others. I think I’m up to the fourth speaker in the film.

thanks to Robin Jay for sending me the movie to watch. She’s asked me to do a film review for her. It would be cool if I can get into a newspaper or on a TV news Interview to promote this film because I can see it’s going to change millions of people’s lives #prediction Nov 18 2015.

I knew it from the film trailer, it was going to be HUGE. I don’t think they know just how much… yet. But I’ll tell anyone – journalists – New York Times. You will want to see the Content and SCript for this film. It’s making me ball my eyes out and cry for EACh message so far. It’s that powerful for a person!

For me it’s dealing with the Grief of losing your parents and other loved ones. And for dealing with friends and acquaintances that I know that were given a short time to live. It’s hit me in many ways. But I’ll share more of that soon (I am going to try and do my Entertainment Writing News on Fridays (that’s my no projects day where I get to do anything I need (catching up on weekly projects or promoting something – a book, a film that’s been sent to me to do)

All this Writing, Video blogging is a hobby for me. Sometimes I wish I could get paid for all the work I do… 🙂 the Universe rewards me, though so I have NO complaints! 🙂

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