Cosmic STRINGS negative Tensors Wormhole Minkowski Space Time Travelling UFO engine design

Cosmic STRINGS negative Tensors Wormhole Minkowski Space Time Travelling UFO engine design

the idea girl says

the UFO engine design is showing something very new and exciting to us! it’s showing how to do minkowski space time travels….

From Past, to Present to Future! Inside a Traversable Wormhole. So far the Diagram’s are showing what each section of the part of the crystalline super lattice Engine is able to do… Then I expect it will give us the instructions on how it’s done. Just like it has so far from Diagrams 1 to 211, we have several things that are considered “alien Technology”.

First you can travel to the Kepler22b Planetary Region in 2 days to 2 months time depending on which way you decide to go through certain STAR Pathways, along with Wormholes that connect you from one galaxy to another (you travel over 16 million light years! in outer space – unheard of in Earth’s modern day public technology. Which makes this ALIEN TECHNOLOGY.

Then it shows us how to create a UFO exterior shell that can modify its shape to avoid collisions with asteroids, meteors, comets AND other space debris.

Then it has a generator engine that uses particle quantum accelerated laser beams to communicate from deep space to Earth in seconds or minutes?

And now it’s showing it can do TIME travel! WOW! WOW! WOW! 🙂

I didn’t even realize it until I started blogging the diagrams and I sat back and I’m like WHATTTT!!!! cool, so this is what’s going to save us time while we travel through outerspace in minutes seconds or hours, instead of years, or centuries lol.

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