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the idea girl says

I am uploading to my “the idea girl says” youtube channel WOW! SETI SIGNAL Diagram VIDEOS.

So far I am up to Diagram 46. And then I post them on the alien space science news wordpress blog , along with the link to the formula notes and original sketch I made of the formula’s notes.

I am still blogging the formula diagrams for the WOW Obsidian Mirrors Formula keyword Search notes.

I’m still working on notes in Book 3, and I went to Dollarama to find some more because this one’s almost full.

Guess WHAT!
They don’t have any more! YIKES!!!!!

So I’m going to have to figure out another problem. GEESH. It never stops! I solve one issue and then another one comes along!

I like the three notes books, with 200 pages in them. So I can divide my data up into three sections for each book, just so I can find the notes. But then I stopped doing that and just keep the page numbers going. I am up to page 602 in my notes… each page has a formula on it with a sketch of the formula’s given in the alien radio signal WOW!

I’ve posted up to Diagram 211 today. Diagrams 99 to 211 show the UFO engine super lattice crystalline vacuum designs, where it’s a quantum particle accelerator that changes the properties of particles and their signals, including the Higgs Boson!

So far their accelerator according to the books I’ve looked at, a Higgs Boson does not REST at 0 ZERO. But in this UFO engine design it does… That will be very interesting and exciting for CERN once they try it out and it works! many of their scientists will be doing a happy dance along with me, if they can get it to work! 🙂

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