Higgs Boson Particle Higgs Electric Field \ E_0=m_0 c^2, REST Mass at 0 ZERO in UFO Engine Quantum Flux Particle Accelerator Diagrams 99 to 213

Higgs Boson Particle Higgs Electric Field \ E_0=m_0 c^2, REST Mass at 0 ZERO in UFO Engine Quantum Flux Particle Accelerator Diagrams 99 to 213

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changing the way CERN 2012 Data can create a Higgs Boson Particle and Higgs Electric Field with a REST mass of 0, Zero. The WOW! signal’s Diagrams 99 to 213, show how to do this. The formula instructions are still being researched. Currently I am just sketching what the keywords for each video means. So far I’ve created over 500 sketches, and NONE of them are the SAME. Which is AMAZING for me. 🙂

I’m looking at Euclidean Algorithms, to figure out how to add it to the formula instructions given in the binary code of the alien radio signal called WOW! in 1977 NASA, SETI.

I’ve blogged the video research on the idea girl says youtube channel, and now I’m doing individual Diagram snap shots, showing what eaCH OF THEM is showing us how to build and create a quantum particle flux accelerator UFO engine. *I now know this is definitely Alien Technology when it says we can travel through outerspace in minutes instead of 9 to 12 years to the planet Pluto. According to the data, they say this UFo space ship design (embedded in the binary code’s instructions) says we can travel to the Kepler22b habitable planetary region within 2 days, to 2 months depending on which traversable wormhole, and star path we choose.

At certain times, our galaxies STARs (four distinct paths, during certain seasons and time frames)

to create a faster quantum ballistic transport orbit/ path through space, according to the ancient astronauts from 3,000 to 10,000 years ago. I’ve looked at ancient Maya instructions for space travel, as well as various human’s with big brains – Nostradamus, Euclid, Archimedes, and others are named in the WOW! signal data research.

the WOW! signal gives a new algorithm to do, and it also came up with the research I did and notes I blogged for Jeff Stewart’s book about the Higgs Boson.

I compare Earth’s data to the WOW! signal data. It’s a wee bit different (just kidding) it’s so complex, and totally opposite of what we currently believe to be our world of particle physics. Which makes it really cool, because in order to “believe” in it, you really have to think “outside of the box” of the norm!

There’s scientific data to back up each UFO components, the inventions and lab, test results you’ve posted from various Space Technology and Physics, Scientists papers, I looked at and blogged over the past 4 years. 2011 to 2015.. it’s my anniversary! for the WOW! Signal. I started this project in November 2011, Started blogging it in December 2011, and I am still VIDEO blogging new material, each and every day, week or month depending on how I feel. Dealing with different illnesses, and car accidents – brain injuries, etc, it’s a struggle sometimes to get anything done. But I’m still plugging away at this project, and enjoying the new things it reveals.

To find out it’s going to show us how to do Minkowski Space Time Travel, from past, present to future, and guess what!

This data was given to the ancient math scholars, and artists. They also did SKETCHES of this data, and we all based our physics, chemistry, maths on them. But I’m not sure if anyone’s realized, those drawings, paintings, were also CLUES on how to BUILD a space ship that will take us to other galaxies?

I haven’t really looked at other people’s work. I do need some help with this. I need all algorithms, blogged in ONE blog, so I can find them easier. I am finding that portion to be important. Currently I’m working on the Liquid Argon Gas formula’s, and many of them need the algorithms, for the quantum particle accelerator. I have the list of particles so far that will be used in it.

Each set of Diagrams shows what the UFO engine is capable of doing. Then it seems to give the “instructions” on how to create it. Piece by Piece.

Diagrams 1 to 99, show the general idea of what the space ship looks like, and it’s two engines.

Diagrams 99 to 213 (where I’m at now – Dec 2, 2015) it’s showing the components for the Quantum Flux Particle Accelerator Engine Design.

quote wiki
Rest energy[edit]
“Rest energy” redirects here. For the performance piece, see Rest Energy (performance piece).
The rest energy E_0 of a particle is defined as:

\ E_0=m_0 c^2,
where c is the speed of light in vacuum.[2] In general, only differences in energy have physical significance.[3]

The concept of rest energy follows from the special theory of relativity that leads to Einstein’s famous conclusion about equivalence of energy and mass. See background for mass–energy equivalence.

On the other hand, the concept of the equivalent Dirac invariant rest mass may be defined in terms of the self energy corresponding to the product of a geometric matter current and a generalized potential [4] as part of a single definition of mass in a geometric unified theory.


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