Virgin Mobile Canada – Walmart Wireless Counts your 611 Tech/ Billing Calls as Your Minutes USED – Denied a 15 day Return in St Catharines LG G3 phone

the idea girl says
I told them I would complain about their billing practices. I was told it would be FREE to call 611 on the cell phone I purchased. Turns out they DOCKed the 44 minute Tech Support, than transfer to billing call off my RETURN in 15 Day’s Policy..

15 days you have 30 minutes. I have 55 minutes. 44 is for a 611 call, the 10 mins was for me to check a bank balance. I was careful not to make any cALLS. mY RETURN SAYS IF DISABLED. i GET 30 DAYS AND DOUBLE THE MINUTES, TEXTS. So that’s 60 minutes. I’m in THAT parameter. Still the virgin mobile rep refused to let it be cancelled at NO $599.99 Charge.

So they will cancel the policy and CHARGE you $600 and KEEP the phone? Isn’t that ridiculous!

Oh and if you KEEp the phone, you have to pay another CARRIER $50 to $150 to UNLOCK this phone, plus pay VIRGIN $600 for the phone.

All I wanted was a new phone, and a better camera!

With 13 pixels, I thought hey this is gonna be awesome!

I was told by the sales guy – FREE 611 calling. FREE calls to anyone on my billing cycle. Free calls to OTHER virgin phones..

I was told I’d be billed up to December 24th, 2015 and then billed AFTER Jan 24, 2015 for a full month.

I was told this phone works GREAT in Fort Erie.


611 calls are docked from your DAYTIME minutes of 350 for the GOLD plan of $45 a month.

your given 15 days to return the phone, but when you try to, there’s no managers on Saturdays or Sundays for Walmart or Virgin Mobile Customer Service or Virgin Mobile Loyalty to handle your dispute.

The CSR rep from virgin says you have to SELF Proclaim that you are disabled, and it has to be NOTED on your contract.

I’m told by 3 walmart wireless reps, and the manager of another walmart store, they NEVER ask people if they are disabled, and there is NO option for them to check off or NOTE the account about you having a disability.

The contract clearly states they will happily refund you in these parameters.

I stood by a kiosk in st catharines for 3.5 hours (in mass pain and discomfort – my feet both were numb – at home i’m horrified to find my feet and legs are black, blue from the diabetes and edema? I’m freaking out!) as the walmart wireless rep is trying to GET HELP from people at Virgin, and they kept giving him the run around!

It was horrible for him and for me. He was nice to constantly apologize. I was taking notes. He must have spoken to about 4 to 5 different reps, trying to resolve the issue. The last rep suggested a charge back for an ESCALATED sale back to WALMARt.

I was told I had to WAIT till Monday (Day 14 of my RETURN policy) for the manager of walmart kiosk to contact the accountant manager in walmart AND the regional virgin mobile rep to authorize an instore retail return, STILL with NO promise of me being able to cancel my contract, OR to be credited the $599.99 so I’m not charged for the cell phone I want to return!

44 minutes for 3 questions – billing –

I was told no data charges would be on this bill. They had to credit over $16 of charges from two reps updating two phones while at the stores!

then I’m told the cell phone will AUTO UPDATE anytime it pleases and I’ll be charged DATA for it!

the first updates at the store for the supposedly NEW LG G3 phone was 169 updates. Later on FREE wifi (thank god!) I had to again update GOOGLE with over 155 updates, than 114 more updates for all the APPS , and total of 45 minutes just for apps, and another 30 mins for the google updates. You cannot USE the phone while it updates – and it shuts itself down and back on again at least 3 times!

after seeing the fella’s at best buy at the pen centre I was enraged to find out I didn’t have a NEW phone it’s over a year old, the LG G4’s just came out!

ALSO I found out after buying the cell’s from walmart, they don’t carry the cell phone cases.

Rogers charges $60 for a case. an ugly one.

Mobilinq at pen centre had cases for $29 each (tax incl)

but after I returned the cell phone that DIDNT work, they refuse to take back the cell phone case.

So Virgin Mobile has left a bitter taste in my mouth!

I’m still waiting to find out if i’m eligible for an instore credit of $600, and I want all cell phone billing’s to be credited since I haven’t been able to use this phone since date of purchase.
I dont have internet at home, so I have to connect to WIFI to update it.

everything’s closed, or I was busy with Christmas, Boxing Day family to take time to go update the phone so we could use it.

And you cannot make phone calls or texts to anyone in case you go over your RETURN parameters, should you have a technical issue or billing issue with the phone and want to cancel your contract.

Linny’s not a happy camper!
So buyer beware. I’m writing emails to various “complaints” – corporate walmart, corporate virgin and CCTS (for unfair billing of 611 calls by virgin) to see what can be done to change that billing charge not just for me, but for others.

anything tech support or billing – 611 calls should ALWAYS be FREE for ALL cell phone users!

I’m worried since the guy handling this told a manager at another walmart store, he’s waiting to hear back from regional Virgin mobile rep and because of the holidays that could take a few days, which takes me PAST the 15 day contract.. and then up to 30 days if they will honor the fact I’m disabled.. but still it really BURNS me to be screwed over, especially since I called the CSR on the WAY to RETURN the phone and SHE knew it, and kept me on the phone on Purpose so I couldn’t return it! (that’s what I think she did because she put me on HOLD several times for LONG periods of time…)
because at the end of the call she says. your over your minutes so now your gonna have to pay for this phone if you cancel!


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