Blogging Writing 187,538 hits Jan 12, 2016 Linda RAndall WordPress Blog

Blogging Writing 187,538 hits Jan 12, 2016 Linda RAndall WordPress Blog

the idea girl says
I always do a little blog post about certain blogs or youtube channel stats at the beginning of the year.

This is so I can look at my data, stats and see how many NEW readers, and followers I get in a year. I like to make sure i’m blogging things in an interesting enough way so that people enjoy reading what I write.

I am reading JK Rowling biography – a child’s book that’s a delight to read during breakfast. I read 1 to 2 pages per day. It inspires me to see how Joanne Rowling wanted to write books since the tender age of 3? or was it earlier? lol

I did too. I was published back in 2010? I don’t remember. But I haven’t written anything since worth publishing. I kind of gave up on it because of my lack of time, concentration and physical restraints dealing with illnesses.

But the good thing is that I’m still blogging even though I wanted to QUIT it since 2009! 😉

Every year I say to Harry, I wanna QUIT doing this. But then I sit down and start typing and I enjoy it WAY TOO MUCH!!!!

I have cut back a lot! Hours and blog posts, to make it more comfortable for my neck and back, and with diabetes (OMG I’ve changed my reading, near sighted glasses way too many times!) I’ve struggled since 2015 with vision problems (making it near impossible to BLOG!!)

but i’m still at it. Jan 2016 I decided I’ll do it as long as I enjoy it. IF it brings a smile to my face, and yours, then that’s a good thing. Right?

I have to do several movie, TV reviews because I watched tons of TV for the past 4 weeks (we were sick, so we could not TRAVEL waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!)

those will be blogged on -the idea girl says wordpress 🙂


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