Blogging Writing Photos Sean Carroll’s Higgs Book, WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 UFO Engine Diagrams Formulas

Blogging Writing Photos Sean Carroll’s Higgs Book, WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 UFO Engine Diagrams Formulas

the idea girl says

I took a  look at my blog and I’m like GROAN!!!!

it’s almost up in PHOTO space too!  I wish they’d just keep it FREE for all of it, no matter how many photos you upload!

I’m trying to keep this affordable for me, since it’s only a hobby!

But so far I’ve had to just keep making new blog’s and starting over again with followers (much to their dismay I’ll bet!)

I appreciate all of you sharing and reading my blogs.

So happy holidays!  I had a lovely christmas and new years, and our four week holiday turned into a bit of a nightmare.

You know when you slow down, so does your body? LOL

Both Harry and I got SICK with nasty colds and flu?

I think it’s just a virus!

Poor Harry had to go for Xrays to see if he’s got Pneumonia…

Thanks to the prayers from Victory Church in Fort Erie (we got surrounded by a bunch of Christians who immediately prayed for us (at least 7 or more people?) and within an hour both Harry and I began to feel better!

Were at 70% better yay!

I know once I start working on the blogs again, I’ll get better faster too.

by listening to solfreggio tones, they bring health and healing to the body.

I stopped listening to them and look what happened to me?

I hardly ever get sick with a cold!

thankfully it wasn’t a serious flu virus.

we changed our raw onions around the house every week.

I changed our bed sheets 4 xs in a week (sweat box!!!)

and drank red rose tea with a 1/4 teaspoon of honey in it , four to six times a day to deal with coughing and sore throats…

My home remedies helped me, the doctor gave me a clean bill of health – you have a virus, drink lots of fluids..

harry got a prescription for cough syrup (he keeps forgetting to TAKE it! argggggg)

and an XRAY at the hospital here in fort erie!

It was comical when he walked around for the day with a white mask on… people got freaked out.


but really we should ALL wear those things when we sneeze…

and yes we spent alot of time at home, and very little anywhere else.. which really sucked.

so I cleaned out my old 2015 files and organized them all in manilla envelopes for storage!

FIrst time I’ve worked on THAT in January!!! Usually i’m doing things all the way to April to change things around. LOL

here’s the blog posts about Sean Carroll’s Higgs book project Im working on.


Here’s the INDEX for the WOW! signal diagrams that are being blogged along with their formula instructions on how to build a quantum particle accelerating UFO style space ship/engine.



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