Writing Blogging 489 subscribers 462,241 views the idea girl says Youtube Alien UFO 6EQUJ5 Research Videos

Writing Blogging 489 subscribers 462,241 views the idea girl says Youtube Alien UFO 6EQUJ5 Research Videos

the idea girl says
thank you! I was thrilled to see we’ve increased our subscribers to 489 person’s from over 130 countries, now visit the idea girl says youtube channel.

It has over 2,000 videos based on science and space research, white papers, abstracts from scientists all over the world. I’m piecing together all their data results so we can use it to develop new technologies.

I call it ALIEN technology or GREEN technology – to better the EARTH and solve our global warming problems (something I need to VIDeo and upload to youtube but haven’t had decent weather since it’s snowy, cold and wintery here in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada).

I’d love to thank each and every person who has shared this technology and my ideas with other students, university, college professors, scientists, physicists, chemists, etc.

Were all gonna work to develop better technologies. I blog my ideas, and you try them out, then blog your results so we can see what does or does not work. I also want any experiment failures blogged as well, so we can figure out how to FIX them and get them to work! 😉

I’ll be adding the Sean Carroll Higgs Boson Book notes onto the idea girl says youtube channel once’s it’s good for filming!

I’ve tried out 4 new cell phones to find the perfect one for blogging. Once I figure that out, I’ll give you all a heads up for your own research videos, blog posts!

I am wishing I could design my own cell phone android program (seriously!) I get so fed up with the lack of speed to upload a photo to a blog, etc. It’s very time consuming for me. I sometimes have to take 4 to 6 hours to do ONE blog post because of our technology. Which it’s my passion to CHANGE and build faster, greater computer programs and processors.

Yes the WOW! signal 6EQUJ5 is ALSO going to change the way your cell phones, and computers work… 🙂


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