WRITING UFO Engine INstructions brings 1500 viewers per month to Alien Space Science News WordPress

WRITING UFO Engine INstructions brings 1500 viewers per month to Alien Space Science News WordPress
the idea girl says
I’ve decided not to blog 5 times a day for the WOW! alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 research data and diagrams. Since I’m only getting 1500 views a month on the blog which for me is quite low…

I have to remember it’s mostly students and university professors, CERN, NASA and other’s checking out the data that I am blogging.

In 2015 I blogged the fact that we can build a smaller quantum particle accelerator rather than the massive CERN proton smashing particle accelerator which was successful in finding the “god Particle” or should I say the HIGGS Boson – building the universe particle?

I read a book – Sean Carroll’s to figure out exactly what a Higgs Boson is made up of, and how CERN’s particle accelerator is laid out. I wanted to know how to cut corners, so we can build a much smaller one.

I sent it via to person’s that might be interested – via emails, or by blogging their name in the title they came to see it.

When I did the article about Edward Snowden saying alien’s have contacted people on Earth and given them alien technology, It was exciting to see someone actually believe in it. It helped me deal with all this WOW! alien radio research.

After spending over 4 years working on a project daily with no monies to pay for my time and research costs. (It’s expensive to get my notes printed up so I can see them – I use my allowance, of about $20 for every 4 months to print up pages of formula’s).

With over 2,000 video’s based on the research and about 2,000 diagrams are on their way to the blog, it’s gonna be very expensive if I have to pay for uploading my photos. So I’m hoping everyone will be understanding when I have to keep making new blogs in order to get the data up so you can see it and try it out.

I was doing a big HAPPY DANCE!!! when I found out someone believed my theories and gave several millions dollars to a organization of students to actually try building a new type of quantum particle accelerator.

The fact that spain , poland, germany, russia, china, united kingdom, brazil, belgium where many scientists live and work started to read the blog notes. I noticed the spike change from 2 countries – Canada, USA and branching out to another 110 countries. I used to have over 130 countries, looking at the WOW! signal research on the idea girl says youtube channel, so it’s awesome they are coming to read the formula’s.

I’ve seen positive results based on your blog posts, of your research being successful based on some of the ideas coming from the WOW! alien technology ideas. So it’s cool to see that our space technology is going to change from taking 30 years to learn to do something to 5 years. (that’s my MAIN goal to help advance our technologies)

I can’t wait to see what new toys (products) they create for us to play with based on this new “alien technology.”
It’s referred to as alien because it’s not on EARTH yet. Meaning no one (publicly) has created any of it, that I know of.

Based on my data mining I check periodically for things and If I find it, I blog it along with my data so you can see what’s getting results.

The very FIRST thing was CERN finding the HIGGS Boson particle. I blogged the WOW! signal instructions on how to find it and within weeks, they let the world know they had found it.

This year were going to discover that the Higgs Boson has four particles in it, combined to make a Higgs Boson.

This Higgs Boson particle, when adding energy to it (in a spinning HIggs Electric Field) can change properties of other particles – it can change their spins, charges from negative, positive or Zero charge, and the mass from positive, negative and Zero or massless particles.

The BIGGEST freak me out moment for our CERN scientists will be when they see the results of us changing the Higgs Boson value from – 1 or + 1 to a 0.

The WOW! Signal shows how to change the Higgs Electric Field and a Higgs Event.

You’ll have to stay tuned for when I blog that exciting formula!

There’s all sorts of new technologies that can come from this alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 data. I know our Cell phone batteries are going to change so our charges last much longer!

hooray! were going to change solar cells for a car, and scooters, from a 4 to 8 hour charge to a couple of days!

#predictions #alien #technology Jan 12, 2016

how do I know? Because the WOW! signal data is going to show you how! 😉


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