Writing Blogging Drawing Sketches Diagram 228 WOW! alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 UFO Quantum Particle Flux Engine Designs

Writing Blogging Drawing Sketches Diagram 228 WOW! alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 UFO Quantum Particle Flux Engine Designs

see Diagrams here:

the idea girl says

I just realized I FORGOT to update the index for the last two diagrams I blogged January 18, 2016. My head’s not with me anymore! I’m still fighting a virus after two months! Usually it takes me three months to beat the dam thing with my home remedies of Raw onions, Vinegar bacterial sprays, etc.

I’ve used up half a bottle of VICKS, and I’ve done 23 loads of wash in 2 weeks!

Yep, you gotta change clothes, sheets, blankets and air out your house (hasn’t been warm enough to do a DEEp freeze of the house yet!) to beat these viruses these days…

without the aid of medications! 🙂

anyways enough about that!

So I’ve been writing, blogging my drawings and sketches, of the Higgs Boson book – by author Sean Carroll (2 posts per day of blogging) along with 2 diagrams from the WOW! alien radio signal data video formula notes.

I’m up to Diagram 228! Half way into blue book 1 notes where it shows 500 diagrams on how to build a UFO engine design,that’s become a quantum particle accelerator, collider vacuum unit.

Diagram 228 is pretty cool because now were seeing a “cross section” of how the particles and laser beams, work in different parts of the UFO engine after finding out what each compartment’s USE is for…

I know I’m confusing the hell out of people, I’m confused myself! I didn’t realize what it was at first. I knew it was a space ship engine in the binary code equations found in the alien radio signal 6EQUJ5, but I didn’t have a clue as to what it was capable of!

In 2015, I found out it’s a lot more complicated than I originally thought. Much to CERN and NASa’s delight! They’ve been trying to figure this stuff out for over 50 years, and here they had an alien technology mapping system sent to them in 1977 and it wasn’t until 2011 that someone was able to decipher it.

that’s me. LOL the geek that loves to data mine for a hobby. I can’t wait till they start to build this space ship! I can’t wait to see it’s flight via the internet and NASA’s live feeds! It’s going to be sooooo exciting!!!! 🙂

they’ve started working on the small quantum particle accelerator idea, with a grant from a private organization and a team of students! So that’s STep #1.

I’m not sure who is working on the other parts of the engine yet. They kind of keep that stuff secret I guess. sigh…

I’m happy to report that in the future I’ll be looking at any DATA blogs that show that the experiments, results from the blogging are working!

We need that to work, so the REST of the scientific person’s out there can believe it exists. They have to have tangible proof. Many of them have forgotten to look “out of the box” like they did as children, when they dreamed and used their imaginations to play or do creative writing stories for their English teachers. 🙂

remember when you were a kid. If anyone told you something did something, you’d believe it? Now as an adult, you get so frustrated that you THINK you can only learn by WHAT you’ve been Taught? not true! Use those dreams and imaginations. Those are UNIVERSE Messages to your brain. Tap into them and start blogging, and writing them. You never know just how much of an Einstein you might be, until you do! 🙂


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