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It’s pretty cool when you get an email from Donnelly asking for me to share my blog posts about my meeting Premier Kathleen Wynne at the Town Hall of Fort Erie Ontario Canada while she was in meetings with the city council regarding what they were planning to do for the FORT ERIE Racetrack. I was there talking and interviewing the people who were fighting to keep it going, and asking for funding and benefits (health, dental, medical – which wasn’t really addressed).

So today Jan 19, 2016 I sent him links for the good and not so good ADVICE I’ve given so it’s all balanced. I had some reprimands of what I thought the government was planning to do and I pointed out some misconceptions.

Sometimes, we only see data as numbers, but I bring it out that there’s real people here, suffering and struggling to have a better life. So many of us are so busy with our every day routines, that we haven’t experienced the same pain they have and until you walk as the native people teach us, “a mile in a person’s mocassin’s you cannot judge or get a great perspective on what they are going through.”

When I met Premier Kathleen Wynne my main impression was that Fort Erie was always asking for money, hand outs, help me out with this and that. I knew it had to stop. So by blogging my ideas, I got hundreds of people motivated to do it on their own two feet, as well as asking for government grants to help out, it was easier for us to get the money needed for important projects (our pool on gilmore rd, road pot holes repairs along the Niagara Parkways, and updates to QEW Fort Erie, it’s bridges, etc.. It’s all intertwined we have to have lovely bump free roads to make our new tourism industry work. So I’ll be working to get that changed. I’m going to go look for ALL the big nasty pot holes, and film them! Then I’m going to blog the area that NEEDS to be fixed, and hopefully when people see our dilemma they will step in and take the wheel and make sure it get’s fixed.

Fort Erie is the heart and soul of the Niagara Region. Fort Erie, is the FIRST impression to all USA, and world visitors who drive through from the Buffalo , Niagara New York Airports. They stop in Fort Erie now and shop! They eat at our “homemade food” restaurants and they INVEST in this town now. All thanks to the world bloggers who have joined me in my quest to bring a better Tourism Industry into Ontario, and the rest of Canada. 🙂

back to my blog story, sorry for the rabbit trail….

I chatted with the Premiere about my plans to help with the local tourism industry and how the Niagara Film Festival and local wineries would make a huge impact on our Economy in the future. Little did I know she had a meeting along with Justin Trudeau that day with the wineries, agreeing to give them $100 million in Tourism Industry dollars. I was delighted and excited!

I’ve emailed only a “few ideas” lol many of you who know me as “the idea girl” on the internet, I’m capable of coming up with thousands of ideas in a year for thousands of people, businesses, and things that I take an interest in.

It’s a hobby of mine. I blog my ideas, I email my ideas, and I try to give positive ideas to solve problems, and issues, whether political, physical, mental, emotional or as “ideagirlconsulting” a business consultant who has always worked for free, and as a hobby, given thousands of people around the world advice.

Some people would reach out to me on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Youtube. Usually I reach out to them with email ideas on how they can make money. Sylvester Stallone made over 250 million dollars on my “expand your film viewing to different parts of Europe”.

He was restarting his career and I gave him some pointers, based on demographics, and youtube statistics (something I can easily data mine for movies, music, entertainment news) as a hobby. I used to blog entertainment news and I had 10 millions readers tune into the blogs back them. But that was a 13 hour day, 7 days a week blogging project. I had to stop because I developed some MAJOR health issues from it! ARGGGGG…

my passion to write, had to take a much smaller view.. I’m down to an hour to three hours a few days a week now because of my health.

So this year I took it upon myself to give our world’s politicians some advice on how to change things and make them better!

My last few months, I did some research on how Global leaders could fix the problem of methane gases and the North Arctic melting Ice issues. I have connections via my social networks with over 14 million readers on LinkedIN (that was 2 years ago, I have no idea how many I have now, I don’t bother to keep track of LinkedIn. Which I’m sure aggrivates the Entertainment, Film Industry people because they often send their film trailers and news bulletins for me to blog and I just don’t have the time to do it all anymore. Sorry! But I’m still working on my science build a space ship project at the moment. It’s taking up all my time because it’s so detailed and complicated…

wanna read my methane gas ideas? take a look on my blog – idea girl severe storm predictions warnings on wordpress:

I’m also taking some time to help them develop a Tourism Industry and create more jobs here in Canada. I have lots of ideas, based on my last 9 years of researching all the local areas, talking to business people, and tourism people to see what we are lacking and what we need to change to make it better. Now in 2016 I will share my ideas and research that I found out through the years, to help solve this problem.

I was happy to report by blogging, we now have over 1,000 more residents here in Fort Erie, and lots of new businesses have opened here. A town that had no hope, three years ago, has turned, and its roaring to a new dimension of lifestyles for everyone that lives here in this town, young, old, poor or rich, were all going to work together as a team and get the TOWN of fort ERIE whipped into shape. (whipped.. whip on horse, ahem, a poor joke I know!) 🙂

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