WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal Change Higgs Bosons to 0 Zero Rest Mass

WOW! Alien Radio Signal Change Higgs Bosons to 0 Zero Rest Mass

the idea girl says
imagine being able to find a 0 rest mass (zero rest mass) for a Higgs Boson particle,and create 5 new higgs boson particles, create a Neutrino whose charge in ONE particle is both +/- positive and negative. Electron’s with a +/- positive negative charge in ONE particle.

the WOW! SETI alien radio signal data, Diagrams 228, 229, 230, 231 are showing us how this UFO engine design is capable of creating these types of particles, thus changing the standard model of physics we currently know on Earth January 19, 2016. #prediction we will find out how to do it, and it will be found in the data at CERN, ATLAS, etc..

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see all three diagrams here:

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