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I always have fun blogging people’s videos for them. Then I keep track of the stats to see how much the views go up in 30 days or a year.

It’s Friday January 22, 2016, my day for creative writing, and blogging film and entertainment news, and political ideas. 🙂 (personal project day)

It’s my fun day to do some errands, go shopping, have lunch (if I have the money to do so) and to catch up on any projects I’ve forgotten about.

I’m doing more today because Kate Emmerson has several great videos that I can blog.

she’s in Robin Jay’s film – which is available on DVD Jan 2016

The Secrets of the Keys – a film that shows people who are dying how to keep living, and making a different in their life, and in the lives of the people surrounding them.

I also found Kate’s radio interviews, and new book trailer news, etc, and blogged it too on the idea girl says wordpress blog. 🙂

Kate Emmerson youtube channel stats

68 subscribers • 7,407 views

take a look at the blog posts here

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