READERS VIEWS UpDATE 27 Jan 2016 60,666 hits Alien Space Science News WordPress Blog

READERS VIEWS UpDATE 27 Jan 2016 60,666 hits Alien Space Science News WordPress Blog

the idea girl says

thank you for all the views!


i’ve gotten to the 60,000 goal, now let’s get it up to 100,000 🙂

I never stop setting “blogging goals” for myself.

I get to write about things that interest me, things I study and research, share them with my readers and hopefully we learn something NEW from each other, right? That’s what it’s all about!

If you can ADD to my theories, blog them, youtube them, when I do research I’ll find them and share them to my readers as well.

Thanks again.

back to my notes for today

I picked an easy to read book and I get tons of readers by blogging about my notes and what i LEARNED from the book!

cool! That’s what I like to see. People interested in what I write and share.

The alien space science news photos and diagrams of the UFO ENgine design that I was looking for answers for (I didn’t really know much about particle properties, so I read Sean CArroll’s book – The Particle at the End of the Universe – How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson leads us to the edge of a New World
and I bent over laughing my A** off because the UFO engine quantum particle accelerator is really changing the properties of the particles, molecules, including the Higgs Boson.

Now I kind of understand why the scientists commenting on the videos think it’s “impossible.” They are stuck in EARTH intelligience and need to look outside of the box of things.

If you study anything historical, you will see that earthlings always think they know everything about something. Then years later, sometimes even 300 or 3000 years later, they find out, (YAH – guess what bud you WERE WRONG!) 🙂

So it’s the same. It’s 2016 and things we THINK are impossible will be possible in 2021 😉

MAN Can never walk on a moon!

We walked on a moon, built a colony there, continue to fly to planets further than the moon, and now were planning to hang out on MARS!

So yes, you have to look outside of the box.

There are 5 missing Higgs Boson particles that belong on OUR STANDARD MODEL of physics.

CERN, LHC and other particle colliders are slowly discovering them. It’s my job as a ‘brainy’ blogger, to help them find all of them. Just so I can prove my “out of this world” theories. 🙂

Hopefully by me understanding what YOU think it’s supposed to be, I can direct you to where it’s supposed to be…. (that’s only if they listen and try out the formula’s to see if indeed they do work.)

so far so good. The quantum particle accelerator in a shoe box, is on it’s way in 5 years time, they will see it can work, along with a bunch of other things they are going to discover, and it’s going to change our “alien technology blog notes ” to ACTUAL technologies. 😉

Then I’ll write to ya and say, “I told ya so!” 🙂

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