Video Blogging VIEWS 466,476 – 462,241= 4235 in 15 Days The Idea Girl Says Youtube Alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 Research Videos

Video Blogging VIEWS 466,476 – 462,241= 4235 in 15 Days The Idea Girl Says Youtube Alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 Research Videos

the idea girl says

the idea girl says youtube channel has gotten 4, 235 views in 15 days! woo hoo!!!!

Happy DANCE!!!!

Thanks to everyone for sharing the videos and research on the 6EQUJ5 Alien Radio Signal UFO Engine Designs, Diagrams, and formula instructions on how to build a UFO Engine that is a Quantum Particle Accelerator, Collider, and this week we found out it can shape shift from a solid shape to a Triangle to a Cube so it can travel through a wormhole from EArth to another GALAXY within minutes, or seconds.

It can travel to other planets within hours, instead of years. It can transform into a super conductor, long range communication laser beam transmissions and who knows what else it can do?

Were only on Diagram 240 in blue book 1 notes! YIKES… I’m working on BOOK 4 notes, and It boggles my mind what this thing says it’s going to do…

I guess that’s why I get to do it. I’m not well versed in WHAT IS acceptable and POSSIBLE on EARTH in 2016. LOL

So I’m like, cool, jotting down notes, putting formula’s and scientists from around the world data, research together. (EVERYTHING has it’s use labelled as “unknown.” now you KNOW what it’s going to be used for – formula’s, data, test results that were considered odd and unbelievable all have a purpose for this UFO Engine. It’s a cool space ship design, that looks similar to some of the UFO sightings, that have been documented. So I know were on the right track…

Some of it’s what you can do instructions have come true.

the 6EQUJ5 research data showed us how to FIND a HIGGS BOSON Particle
we did or rather CERN, ATLAS and ? did June 2012

the actuals were November 2011, same time as I started blogging “how to find a new particle” At the time I didn’t call it a HIGGS boson…

I found out AFTER reading Sean Carroll’s book, that many of the particle properties in this UFO Engine Design don’t EXIST in EArth’s data as of Jan 2016…

So I’m blogging and looking at CERN, ATLAS data and anything that’s online and piecing it all together for scientists to try and see if it will work.

They found more Higgs like particles, and gave them different names, then I did. 🙂

Which is fine. They are the experts. I’m just a gal that has lots of dreams, visions and writes about her scientific research for others to share, and I can see you guys HAVE!

THANKS…Lets all do a Happy DANCE!!!! Our technology is going to change for the better!!! woo woo!!!!!

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