Blogging UPloading The Idea Girl Says WOW! SETI DIAGRAMS UFO Engine Designs

Blogging UPloading The Idea Girl Says WOW! SETI DIAGRAMS UFO Engine Designs


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I am plugging away since Thursday Feb 4, 2016 to upload around 20 Youtube videos onto the idea girl says channel with a short snippet of what each Diagram is from the WOW! alien radio signal research data formula keyword search.  I upload the videos, link them to their playlist, add the LINE of data it belongs too and then I get around to blogging the Video  with links to the Diagram photos and blog posts which shows the original keywords of the formula’s found in the WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 and how I decipher the math algorithms hidden in it’s binary code that was sent to EARTH in 1977.

here’s the playlist I’ve uploaded up to Diagrams 1 to 91 so far – Friday Feb 5, 2016.

There’s over 2000 diagrams coming! 🙂

I added some videos about wormholes – DARPA a military intelligience organizations is spending billions of dollars on trying to figure out how to travel through outerspace or in time travels with wormholes.  I’ve linked their research and data to mine, in hopes we can develop this “alien technology” and travel to distant galaxies and habitable planets that are millions of light years away in a matter of minutes, seconds or hours, depending on how far it allows us to go”

I notice they started this GRANT in 2014, around the time I started to blog my ideas about it.  The video research goes as far back as NOVEMBER 2011 when CERN announced they had found the HIGGS Boson which the WOW! Signal also told how to do and it worked! 🙂

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