Gold Plasma Frequency Laser Beams WOW! SETI Signal 6EQUJ5 Alien Technolgy UFO Engine Scientific DATA Proves it’s TRUE

Gold Plasma Frequency Laser Beams WOW! SETI Signal 6EQUJ5 Alien Technolgy UFO Engine Scientific DATA Proves it’s TRUE


the idea girl says

FEbruary 9, 2016 I’m doing a HAPPY DANCE!  After video blogging, writing, researching the WOW! alien radio signal research 6EQUJ5 it’s proven to be TRUE!

Our world’s scientists have been busy bees, the students have been watching the videos on the idea girl says youtube channel.

I asked them – “look outside of the box” of physics, the standard model of physics and everything you think you know.

I asked them to consider the “alien technology ideas” and to try them out and then blog their results, abstracts and science journal papers.

As I blog the Diagram’s UFO Engine designs instructions based on the formula’s of keywords found in each line of binary coded data.  I only looked at the surrounding 27 lines of data close to the WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 because I was told to do so.

I drew a mapping of Human and Alien DNA in this signal’s data.  Then I decoded the math algorithms (based on 3,000 year old math equations they do it DIFFERENTLY then we do now in 2016).


Then I did a google search for the numerical answers to EACH equation in the LInes 1 to 27 of the WOW! SETI SIGNAL 6EQUJ5 data and found components to build a space ship.

Not just any kind of space ship but a UFO style space ship, that’s out of this world with it’s alien technology ideas.  It can fly millions of light years away from EArth in minutes or hours, create it’s own traversable wormholes to go from galaxy to galaxy.  It can take care of HUMAN astronauts for longer than a year? Not sure just how long.  But when they travel inside of this UFO style space ship, they will not suffer from anything like they do in our current space ship technologies in 2016…


so that’s really cool for them!

Instead of sending 3 to 8 people to space, we can send a lot more, if there’s less health complications? 🙂

Scientists can travel, people that aren’t fully healthy can go on flights too.  It won’t take rigorous training, because the UFO flies and computers run everything, so you don’t have to fix it when it breaks down!  The super computer will be able to create robots (NODES) that can transform into different things..

It sounds like something from a Science Fiction movie.  But it’s not.  It’s proving to be real data.  The test results are proving it to be true. 🙂

That’s a relief. Imagine working EVERY day for four years on a project wondering if it will prove to be true?  I had to deal with alot of FLACK especially from the scientific community.  They were in an uproar because I didn’t go to college to learn any of this stuff.  I keep getting “WHERE DID YOU LEARN THIS STUFF?”

I didn’t learn it.  It’s already in my brain? Has been since I was a little kid. 🙂 I started doing my “space research” at the AGE of 3. 😉 That is when I started to read books about Astrology and Stars and Planets. I was fascinated with it. Now I know why. I had a purpose in life.  To help advance human space technology by presenting “alien” technology to the human race.


So far our science teams have worked on concepts for 30 to 50 years and now in the past 5 years, we’ve started to build THOSE concepts.  That’s a LONG time and billions upon billions of dollars spend on research.


My goal is to advance human technology in 5 years.  And it’s happened!  So Happy Dance.  These 4 years were not a waste of time and energy after all.  RELIEF. I’m so glad it worked. 🙂

Now i’m sure there will be more “space technology GRANTS from Governments around the world, they are all excited to see these ideas can work, and now we have to seriously start working on each project.”


There’s two UFO engines to work on so far, I’m assuming there might be a 3rd one, but I haven’t gotten to it’s formula’s yet.  I’m only from Lines 1 to 22, still, and it goes up to Lines 27.  I hope I video blogged it all before the computer where all the DATA was on, got deleted by a virus! I lost all the DATA. 🙂


So now you see my predicament. I lost over 20,000 files on my superdrive.  So I’ve had to START over from the beginning… The diagrams at least make more SENSE then the keywords did.  All of us were scratching our heads going WHAT is THIS???? 😉


now we can SEE it.  I’ve sketched 500 diagrams and eACH one is entirely DIFFERENT.  I’ve blogged up to Diagrams 1 to 254 so far.

It’s brutal doing research for book 2, I’ve forgotten most of the data and I have to Google all these keywords and try to draw them so I can figure out what they are for.. Fun.  Keeps me busy (this is my full time hobby now. I stopped doing my other 12 blogs (travel, tourism, travel blogging) to concentrate on this one.  🙂

I only got through HALF the book 69 pages of 250 pages (wait that’s not half! drat!) anyways, Thank you for trying it and finding it out to be true.  Thank you to the Governments for wanting to Change our technologies (It’s not only for outer space ships, we’ve created smart cell phones, and smart TVS and Computers, wait till you see next years toys to buy – you’re going to love this new technology!)

here’s my alien technology blog, I also let you know when we find out when something’s been created from the WOW! Signal alien technology 6EQUJ5 ROCKS!

photos of my diagrams and sketches.


my earlier alien technology posts were on a different blog until I made a dedicated blog, I’m hoping to re blog it on the correct one by doing the new VIDEOS of the diagrams and sketches of the UFO engine designs, and I add a link to the blog notes for the keyword searches and formula’s for Lines 1 to 27 of the WOW! SETI alien radio signal 6EQUJ5



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