Messages from the UNIVERSE to DARPA Military JEts Flying at MACH 7 Kiepert hyperbola

Messages from the UNIVERSE to DARPA Military JEts Flying at MACH 7 Kiepert hyperbola

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I always listen to the universe when it has a message. Especially if it’s going to advance our technology.

Today while I was trying to figure out what is the fastest speed for us to fly in a plane. I found an article that DARPA Military has developed a jet that can fly up to MACH 20 for a few seconds before it’s a goner! 🙂

Billions of dollars down the drain. I’m shaking my head. We really need to get our money where it counts, by building something that’s not going to go ka put in a few seconds.

Kudo’s to DARPA for coming up with such a device. They want to be able to stop a missle from hitting USA in an HOUR? YIKES! I don’t think I’d want to sit on the edge of my seat waiting to see if we can stop a missle attack for an HOUR!

So I’m like, okay, there’s gotta be something we can do, because I want to live in a peaceful world, minus crazy lunatics who always blah blah about their missles being able to reach USA, Canada in x number of minutes. So we can all sit here in FEAR…

Anyways, I’m tired of their nonsense. So I’ll lend a hand (or brain thoughts?) by blogging it. I’m sure someone will read it. Since I blog alot of DARPa’s inventions and add my input into how they can make it better.

So the universe had a message for their space flight that is having anomalies with gravity at Mach 20. Euclid Elements came to mind.
You see with the WOW! alien radio signal date research – Euclid’s drawings are the SAME as the alien’s drawings in the binary code. Interesting don’t you think?

The alien technology is over 3,000 to 10,000 years old, and Einstein I think is over 300 years old in technologies?
Many of his equations we use for our physics, and calculations, are also for UFO’s and space ships. I wont get into detail but I prove that he knew how to design space ships in my research videos on the idea girl says youtube channel.

Here’s the blog posts I did today about it. First time seeing these equations and what they are possible to do. I’ll know when they announce a success in flight without the “gravity” anomaly, which was corrected, but if they can only fly at MACH 20, for a few seconds, and I figured out the flight speeds of the UFO in the WOW! alien radio signal data, which is like 48,000 times FASTER. Then , well, I just blogged some ideas for them today!

enjoy learning something new, if you don’t know what I AM talking about. 🙂

thank god for WIKIPEDIA QUOTES I’d be lost without them!

read it here:

googling DARpA in the WOW! Signal data videos here:
DARPA does a lot of different inventions not only for Military INventions, but for Science and TEchnology. I come across their data quite often while doing my research.


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