Uploading Alien Technology Videos UFO Engine Design on The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel

Uploading Alien Technology Videos UFO Engine Design on The Idea Girl Says Youtube Channel

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I think I filmed about 30 videos or more of my sketches, Diagrams for the WOW! SETI Alien RAdio Signal Research Formula Keyword Search NOTES.

I’m still filming the WOW! Obsidian Mirrors Keyword Formula Search Notes.

It was four years ago (started November 2011) that I began my quest to find a hidden message in the alien radio signal called WOW! in 1977 by Dr Jerry Ehman – 6EQUJ5 has created quite a stir in our society for the past 40 or so years.

I found components that you would use to build a space ship in the math equations. I guess they like to communicate by numbers…

So I blogged the research of the Lines 1 to 27 binary coded math equations surrounding the “6EQUJ5” signal and then using a 3,000 year old math algorithm (the ancient Maya did their MATHS this way.) I solved each equation. Googled the answers and found components, inventions, patents and articles about ABSTRACTS, Lab Results from around the world scientists, physicists and chemists.

I then wrote a note on President BArack Obama’s website that I was going to combine the world’s data and help mankind accelerate their space technology.

It’s taken us over 50 years to fly to a moon, see mars, send out robots in space, and satellites, and yet we still haven’t made a decent space ship that can be built for a good price, in record time (5 years to build this one) and something that can fly at the speed of light.

Darpa Military Defense is working on wormholes, CERN and LHC is working on the Higgs Boson and particles sciences, and this WOW! alien technology is combining all of it to design a special type of space ship that uses air lift currents, crystals, laser beams, and particle collisions in a quantum flux vacuum unit, to fly to other galaxies in outer space in a matter of seconds, minutes or hours. (I’m not SURE how FAST)

but without the wormhole, it’s going to fly to MARS in 2 months or 2 weeks time. As of 2015 our technology only allows us to FLY to mars in 9 months, and that’s without enough FUELS to come back to EARTH.

This alien technology is going allow us to fly anywhere we want in the galaxy and come back to EArth just like you do when you go on an airplane or bus ride.  So that’s cool!

I know it’s real now, because people like you and our science students, professors, are taking it seriously now (4 years later!) that they are seeing some of the results actually WORK! 🙂

So good news for us! Woo Woo were gonna fly in space ships.  Oh yeah and were not going to have to go through all that INTENSIVE astonaut physical training once they figure out how to build it.

It doesn’t help that it’s taking me FOREVER to write it and blog or video the results.  I kind of had to put a BRAKE on blogging on 14 wordpress blogs, and 4 youtube channels for the past year.  I’ve mostly been trying to blog book #1 of the data.  I’m writing it out in pen and paper, then drawing what the keywords mean.  It was so confusing before for all of us!

Now with over 2000 drawings (all of THEM are dIFFERENT!!!!)  I can SEE this thing will WORK. 🙂

I still have to start on book 2’s research (i’m not done the drawings, or the research for it.)

I’ve had difficulty finding a “quiet space” to work in.  Sure I save money, using free Wifii for my internet.  Without a computer, I’m using different cell phones (frustrating with 6 different phones in the past year – trying to find something that is USER friendly for blogging!)

I still haven’t found the perfect cell phone.  I think i’ll design my OWN idea and then email it to the cell phone companies, and get their technology smarter than it is already!

They have awesome smart phones, fun toys to play with, but still there’s no cell phone with proper apps for blogging.  And there’s a HUGE market for it! 🙂





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