Writing Blogging Notes Sean Carroll’s Book – The Hunt for the Higgs Boson Particle Notes Pages 1 to 36




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Writing Blogging Notes Sean Carroll’s Book – The Hunt for the Higgs Boson Particle Notes Pages 1 to 36.

I am one third of the way!  With over 96 pages or is it 97? I am not sure!

I’m so thankful this book is so easy to read and understand.  I’ve drawn what each particle’s properties are – spin, charge, and mass, plus anything else that I learn or think of while I read Sean’s book.

I really enjoyed this project, because it’s going to start a LOT of controversy on my Youtube Channel (I can just hear it now!).

When I film my notes and upload them!

I get lots of flack from scientists (not all of them are willing to “look outside of the box” of the standard model of physics with the alien radio signal WOW! technology videos.  They are not always understanding things and try to “correct” me. 😉

I’m writing from a different perspective.  I’ve not been taught the standard model of physics.  I’m writing my own ideas of what they can be – in the future, once the data is proven, then people will say “hey, she was right!” 🙂

so far it’s been great, at least several of my “ideas” have been proven to work with new science technology journals and data results from the students taking the time to “try it out.”  They are delighted with their results and so am I.  I like to contribute in any way that I can.  Gotta use my brain for something, right? 🙂

so hopefully many students who are confused by reading WORDS on what something is, can take a look at my (stick men drawings – level of artist here!) sketches and grasp a quicker and better understanding of the physics that is in their text books.


It’s surprising for me, to do this research, because my findings are ummmm… quite different!  I’ll be blogging all Those discoveries, along with the INDEX to Sean’s thoughts, theories and my own on my “science research alien technology blog – ” alien space science news on wordpress. 😉



oh almost forgot

here’s the link to pages 1 to 36 of my notes (blogged as of Feb 17, 2016)

I plan to blog a few pages a week until it’s done and then I’m going to FILM the whole series and upload it as a PLAYLIST on my youtube channel (scientific research and other things that take my interest – the idea girl says  😉





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