Blogging Writing Photography Diagrams WOW! Signal Aliens UFO 6EQUJ5 Formula Instructions

Blogging Writing Photography Diagrams WOW! Signal Aliens UFO 6EQUJ5 Formula Instructions

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So I’m blogging and writing all the formula notes for Diagrams in the 200’s for the past few months.

Now Diagrams 280 to 289 are freaky! They show how to travel deep in space on a curved axis in space time points. Combine this technology with creating a “wormhole” to go from one universe to another it’s quite complicated when you FIRST take a look at the notes. Now it’s starting to make some sense for me.

A combination of the Higgs Boson signals, changes and modifies the particles in the UFO vacuum collider engine, and they in turn travel on laser beam signals to either communicate with Earth from other galaxies, or they are used in specific ways to direct the space ship in different forms to accelerate or decelerate on a vortex inside a medium (i’ll guess it’s talking about travelling through the wormholes from one destination to another?).

This really BOGGLES the mind to even think this “alien technology” can work. So far it’s proved itself to be true. The more experiments we do with the formula’s instructions, the more things we learn are true to WHAT it says can be accomplished.

Remember for the DIAGRAMS it gives you a snap shot of what the UFO space ship engine design is capable of, and then the formula’s show us how to accomplish each of these techniques, step by step!


We have theories about “curved space on an axis.”

My theory was to CUT across these lines of travel.

For example in order to travel from Moon to Earth you have to go Around a planet, star, moon and sling shot back and you drive in a circular pattern.

With this “alien technology” you don’t have to do that!
You drive in a straight or curved space line to get from point A to B.

our technology doesn’t allow us to travel millions of light years away.
The alien technology claims to let us travel 16 million light years away (Kepler 22b planet) with 2 months to 2 days depending on who or what is doing the travels.

Im assuming a space probe (mechanical robot) would do the trip in 2 days time. With human astronauts its going to take longer (affects our bodies etc?) Just a guess at this point in the data….

see diagrams here:

see formula diagrams instructions here:

see the scientific results and research about the alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 videos here:


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