Collins Nissan Car Nation 155 Scott St, St. Catharines, ON (905) 646-9999

Collins Nissan Car Nation 155 Scott St, St. Catharines, ON (905) 646-9999

the idea girl says

car loan review.

applied for a Nissan Sentra with a trade car.

Was originally presented with a loan for around 34,000 was the targeted amount and it was presented as 33,000 so it looked like a great deal.

We didn’t notice the downpayment of 2500 on that one which was never discussed in fact we assumed it would be NO downpayment.

on actual agreements two days later the loan was for 54,500 instead and a downpayment was needed in order to even apply for the loan and get things started.

I told the manager I wasn’t impressed.

why would I go from 30,000 to 54,000 and owe another 24,000 just to have a different car that’s got less toys in it then what I already have?

It was ridiculous! It was very misleading.

So if you decide to get the “easily approved loan no matter what your credit’s like.” beware of the hidden costs which are Many and for us totally over 31,000.

because the trade in for the 30,000 car was for 12,000!

a far cry from what the original quoted amount was for 20,000 but 3,000 taken off because its 6 months old, so it said 17,000 in the Original agreements.

when it came time to sign to apply for the actual loan it was 12,000 a difference of 5,000!

It was very confusing for us and were not pleased with them.

We cancelled doing any business with them and this pretty much makes me think it’s not worth it to EVER buy a new car again if that’s going to happen.

Advertised pricing is around 20,000 for a car. But after they add this cost and that cost many times your loans are well over 27,000 for the same car!

I wish this could be investigated!

any loan that is over 24,000 (taxes were additional 11,000 yet when presented first time they were 8,000 and included with the 37,000 dollar quote).
that means they were going to CHARGE us 13,000 for what?

this and that!

and this is after us complaining about another car dealer ripping us off!

this experience … had to be shared.

make sure when you get a QUOTE from a car dealer as to possible LOAN costs, that they give you a copy!
then you compare with the FINAL loan quote and you’ll see what I mean.

Be careful, Be warned. Find a better place to deal with!

that’s my CAR Loan Review for Nissan in St Catharines – Car Nation!


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