WOW! 6EQUJ5 Alien Radio Signal Research shows how to do REST (0) ZERO Value for Higgs Electric magnetic Flux Field in UFO Engine Design.

WOW! 6EQUJ5 Alien Radio Signal Research shows how to do REST (0) ZERO Value for Higgs Electric magnetic Flux Field in UFO Engine Design.

the idea girl says

there’s nothing more exciting than looking outside of the box

enter the thought of quantum physics.

it’s time to change history


the WOW! signal is showing how to split a HIGGS boson particle into two in the up and coming Diagrams in the 290s
using laser pulses, and crystal wafers.

Diagrams 240 to 289 show how to change the rest value of objects and particles in the vacuum and higgs electric (and ) magnetic Field flux that’s created by the NODES which turn from semi conductors to super conductors in the UFO crystalline super lattice engine design instructions.

It’s quite complicated to try and WRITE it properly while showing what each of the Diagrams instructions mean…

Drawing it seemed easy based on the keywords,but to DESCRIBE it takes a bit of thought.

I sound a wee bit confusing to many people. Sorry for that!

I honestly don’t have a clue how to WRITE it in your terminology so I write it simple just so a CHILD can read and understand it.

some of our greatest intellects in history were very SIMPLE minded people yet their abilities far excelled any others!

Today it was fun, I got a sticker and it says “brilliant” on it.

Today I feel like i’ve been labelled brainy with a happy face. LOL

this is pretty cool stuff.

Can’t wait till CERN and the LHC Large Hadron Collider people, students, professors try these formula’s out and get them to work.

good job you guys and gals, thanks for helping us advance this “alien technology” of ideas here on Earth!

Your expertise is greatly appreciated!

Especially by Moi!
Also thank you to the students passing these blog posts around and writing WHITE ABSTRACTS Papers and doing TESTS and experiments to prove that they work!

Thank you to those of you who donate the money to these causes so that these students can prove this “alien technology” and advance our space travel programs!

see the formula’s and diagrams links and notes, instructions here on how to build a crystal, laser beam, UFO engine design.

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