Alien Space Science News Photos WordPress 1,299 hits WOW! 6EQUJ5

Alien Space Science News Photos WordPress 1,299 hits WOW! 6EQUJ5

the idea girl says
It’s strange that the sister site has 66,315 hits and the diagrams only have 1299 hits.

I dont think everyone’s looking at the diagrams as they should or maybe they look at the diagrams and then go back to the formula notes several times, for several days?

Hard to figure out. I just like to see the “new technology” as it develops and is made public knowledge.

now that the Diagrams in the 300’s are more detailed, they can start to see how the scientific data and research ties altogether to build a UFO engine space ship.

thank you readers! For sharing the diagrams with your fellow science students (physics, chemistry and anyone working on Space vehicle technology)

up and coming data is going to help us design a much faster computer. I hope we break through with this technology because I am FED up with the slow speeds and problems that computers have! 😉

but then I haven’t tried out the apple computers yet. I know they have differences as I’ve enjoyed watching several movies about STEVE JOBS.

The oldest one was the MOST enjoyable where it went more into detail on how he developed his “computer” concepts. I like stuff like that in the movies because it will help us be bolder in our visions of the future and to share the knowledge we know or the knowledge from the UNIVERSE when it decides to share it with us humans….


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