Alien Space Science News WordPress 66,315 hits 4 July 2016

Alien Space Science News WordPress 66,315 hits 4 July 2016
the idea girl says
thank you readers for sharing my thoughts, ideas and scientific research into the alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 called WOW!

SETI and NASA reported this radio signal in 1977 and for years people figured it was static, noise.

In November 2011, I was meditating and had a strange vision of blue prints to a UFO style space ship and then I found the WOW! Signal from NASA and SETI in my research.

Then it or something told me to solve the math equations. It was difficult because the math equations are 3,000 and 10,000 years old, so I had to look up how they did their math’s back then. diagonally!

Yep so I solved them, found answers to the equations and then I googled those answers and kept track of my research by video blogging it on the idea girl says youtube channel.

At first I was ridiculed for it. Because what are all these keywords? What on earth do they mean? Not even I knew the implications or importance of them until… I began to DRAW them and what their meanings are on Wikipedia!

So far I’ve drawn 500 Diagrams. I’m blogging up to 342a,b as of 4 July 2016.
NONE are the SAME. How is that for “alien technology?”

It’s the components of a space ship in the form of a UFO.

It’s using alien technology and supplying scientific research along with each component.

Oh yeah and here’s something alien and freaky about it.

ALL the science test results came up with the USE of their experiment as UNKNOWN.

They didn’t know what they COULD DO with this technology they developed. They have the test results but didn’t know what it can be used for.

Come to find out, it’s for this UFO Engine Design…

so far it has 5 different styles of Engines. Each has it’s own use.

In Diagrams 1 to 99 it shows what the Engines are capable of doing.
Now after Diagram 99 to 342 its showing each component, what it’s made up of and I guess the Engineers will have to design their own blue prints, although some of the “inventions” that came up have parts already designed and patents are in the USA. There’s a couple of technologies from Asia, Europe too, because most of the test results are for students in University or working at labs that deal with particle sciences?
I’m not sure how to phrase this terminology because I was completely foreign to it in 2011. After doing the research for the past 4 years, I’m beginning to understand some of it… basic knowledge here. lol

the diagram’s are in photos and uploaded on it’s sister blog (I ran out of FREE space and didn’t have the money to pay for the blog so I keep it all free)
the only thing that costs me quite a bit of money and printing costs for my notes, for the formula’s. As I figure them out then draw them in notebooks.

thank god for Dollarama’s! I get all my supplies from them. 🙂

here’s the diagrams:

here’s the video research on YOuTube


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