The Idea Girl SAys YouTube Channel 514 subscribers • 507,979 views Linda Randall Chisholm

The Idea Girl SAys YouTube Channel 514 subscribers • 507,979 views Linda Randall Chisholm

the idea girl says

thank you readers and video viewers for sharing my YOUTUBE Channel’s alien radio signal 6EQUJ5 research videos!

I have some other stuff too – restaurant reviews, travel news, community events just to show I’m a normal person and not some flaky whose doing “alien technology news.”

the WOW! Signal from NASA and SETI was discovered in 1977. In November 2011, I started to work out it’s math equations and found it shows how to build components for a UFO Engine Design.

Imagine trying to blog “alien technology?”

My family told me I was NUTS and didn’t talk or have anything to do with me for the past several years.

Now that I’m doing the Diagrams and linking the research videos together, they started to talk to me but we AVOID this “alien technology.”

Since they do not believe in aliens…

Their loss. 🙂

I haven’t SEEN any in person. I have Seen and supposedly been in a UFO, no I’m not crackers. I disappeared off Earth for about 3 hours one night… I told you this story already… LOL

It was hard to tell it.
Now I’m 50, things changed. I’m not AFRAID to be ME anymore!

If you dont like it, keep your comments to yourself. I want positive feedback nothing negative.

All this research has proven to be TRUE. Human and alien technology combine to advance our space research technology.

This is a joint effort that the world needs to work on as a TEAM. It will not be for just ONE country.

As the project will cost billions of dollars to build, it’s important that the countries build teams from each area of the world, to work on each individual component.

And we will be building MORE than one space ship!

We will build one for EACH country to use and explore deep space.

Each team will be told to explore and obtain data from a different area and different galaxy.

You will be able to travel millions of light years away in a matter of minutes and seconds with this new “alien technology.”

Now that several of the students have gotten their millions of dollars in grants from various sources, we can now continue to work on this project together.
in peace, unity and harmony.. AIRL.

written by Linda Chisholm (nee Randall as you know her on the blog….)


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