WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 Writing Filming Research Diagram Videos Uploading August 15, 2016

wow seti alien contact ufo crop circle kepler 22b james webb newton arecibo crystal skulls CERN the idea girl says youtube

wow seti alien contact ufo crop circle kepler 22b james webb newton arecibo crystal skulls CERN the idea girl says youtube

WOW! SETI Alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 Writing Filming Research Diagram Videos Uploading August 15, 2016
the idea girl says

it’s time to get back to work on my research for the alien radio signal WOW! 6EQUJ5

so i’m uploading photos of the latest diagrams 353 and up

and uploading Diagram 170, Diagram 171 which is a semi commercial for that diagram where I’ll add the link to the blog formula’s and diagram information which I get around to blogging the videos.

I connect my wordpress blog and youtube blogs that way and it helps for new readers to understand what’s going on…

AS of November 2016 I will be celebrating my 5th year of doing the alien radio signal research.

It’s fun to review the videos now as I blog them to see what I was working on 5 years ago…

It still amazes me that I even completed 27 lines of data with the over 2000 research videos.

In each video I show where I find the research notes. Most of it’s from Wikipedia – where I look up the meaning of words and what they can do – properties, functions and things that they can accomplish.

Now I’m working on the Diagram’s in the 300’s so I’ve taken time off this summer to blog all the RESEARCH VIDEOS that have the topics for the UFO engine design in them.

I’ve titled each line of data with Diagram 300 WOW! and then the line of data reference number, and then keywords that pertain to the topic in the video.
The cool thing is that they are now being blogged in order of keyword, and not just by the LINE of data they represent.

In case your confused, here’s the WOW! Signal 6equj5 binary code data
each LINE i’ve numbered from 1 to 27, and it has a math equation in THAT line of data. The math equations ANSWERS brought up the scientific data, inventions and research notes from scientists, professors and students from all over the world.
I am combining their data into ONE big picture from thousands of pieces of data that is all labelled “UNKNOWN” for it’s use.

so it’s been invented but the inventor isn’t sure what they can use that invention for, they just have an ABSTRACT showing what their data RESULTS are.
I’m putting it all together so that we can create a new style of UFO looking space ships with special UFO Engine’s made of crystals, air currents and protons, electrons and other particles that we currently collide at the LHC or CERN accelerator facility in Switzerland.

Most of the particle data is based on their research.
So far we found a Higgs Boson in 2012 and now as we look at the data we will be finding new particles (there are 5 new boson particles to be named), we are looking to develop a bendable flexible metal, a recycling fuel that will never burn out EVER and a way of generating electricity and power to move a space ship deep into space.

There’s also instructions on how to build a traversable wormhole. It splits into two parts. ONe part stays with EARTH the other part travels with the space ship and connects to OTHER wormholes so that we can travel millions of light years (it would take us MILLIONS of YEARS to get to ONE planet) but with this “alien technology” in the WOW! Signal 6EQUJ5 we will travel to these planets within days or months depending on which ROUTE and time of year we travel.

The ancient Egyptians mysteries are also revealed in this signal’s data. Showing different STAR patterns in the sky in which to TRAVEL to other galaxies in shorter time frames.
WE also learned how to modify our astronaut’s health conditions and how to train the body to accept ZERO GRAVITY and not reduce it’s power or abilities in the muscles. It covers a multitude of topics which to me have been quite overwhelming to sort out.

I think I’ve figured it out though! Five years later, its starting to make sense as we look at each Diagram 1 to 365 it shows the inner workings of a special type of UFO alien technology for an Engine , actually it looks like it’s going to be about 5 different engine parts, that all work as ONE unit when they combine.

It sounds like a science fiction novel, but really it’s true. Some of the data has been successful so far in creating NEW gadgets.

I can’t wait till I show you how to produce a super powerful faster than anything computer chip. And in the Diagram 300’s we are seeing how to build a space communications program device that uses laser beam signals, colliding particles and bandwidth generated by the plasma rings from the traversable wormhole we can create with this Engine.

I started working on BOOK #4’s data. OH Happy dance! You know how they keep wondering why the CERN 2012 results differ with the Higgs Boson going at the speed of light and then not going at the speed of light – neutrinos’? It explains how to make it do it again with the proper terminology. So that’s pretty cool for me to learn.

Anyways I wanted to write to you and tell you the good news. Were going to have new alien TOYS!!!!! yes with this technology we can make different cell phones and tablets and computers and other cool things too. It all depends on the students that read the notes and combine their own ideas as well with it. That’s the whole point in this “alien technology” it’s for the WORLD to share with one another….


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The Alien Wow Signal, 72 sec, at 1420.4556 MHz, New View! Aug 1977, UFO Sighting News.


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