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I’m also blogging Diagrams 353 to 355 where it shows how to set up a long distance range of laser beam communication signals with the UFO engine’s designs.

you can take a look at those here:


you can find the link to those blog posts under August 22 2016
if you scroll down to the END of the page the link is there.

I see there’s been a lot less activity this month only 573 hits instead of the normal 1000.

I’ve basically been blogging videos with cross referencing data so I probably confused a few of the readers.

Sorry I’m trying to blog the new data research videos, along with creating a database of cross references to the LINE of data and the DIAGRAMS with the Lines, so that scientists can find the projects they are working on easily.

They just have to do a SEARCH on the blog for a certain keyword and it will bring up the data and videos related to that key word.

space communications

ie example



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