Diagram 363 – 367 WOW! Signal UFO Vacuum Crystalline Super Lattice Walls Particle Colliding Energy

Diagram 367 WOW! Signal UFO Vacuum Crystalline Super Lattice Walls Particle Colliding Energy

the idea girl says

I’ve blogged several Diagrams in the 360s that show dielectric properties, how to add MASS to particles in the UFO vacuum particle accelerator engine. It shows how the cooled plasma uses negative and positive charges to modify the properties of particles that enter in between the two crystalline super lattice walls, or as I call it the “y structure” crystal graphite engine UFO design.

I’ve uploaded around 20 diagrams to blog this week, and I’ve been uploading the mini commercial videos for each Diagram WOW! SETI SIGNAL sketches.

I’ve added formula notes links so now you can see it altogether. The picture of what the keywords mean, and the formula notes that go with the diagram.

With references to any inventions or patents that go along with it. I feature them separately on alien space science news photos wordpress so that people working on those parts of the UFO engine design, can draw the engineering sketches for it.

We knew that the engine would modify the particles. Now it’s giving DETAILS on how it will do it. COOL!


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