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I’ve been Writing Filming Travel Blogging Idea Girl Canada Youtube Channel Videos this week. We have gone on quite a few road trips since May 2016 and Now I’ve uploaded some of the hundred or so photos and videos.

idea girl canada photo story wordpress is where I post my photos and stories that go along with them.

idea girl canada wordpress I post the videos from the idea girl canada youtube channel, along with the address location information for the restaurants and travel destinations that we visit. I’ve added the phone numbers to the videos, as well as the blog posts.

This month we visited the Village of Selkirk Ontario Canada and found the lovely Sunflower Cafe.

We also stopped in to the Godfather PIzzeria in Dunnville Ontario Canada while on our way to Harry’s Charcoal Broiled in St Thomas Ontario Canada.

I filmed our “food” videos of the different menu options. Then when I blog the video I talk about why we tried the food, what it tastes like and what type of service we received from the waitress, cooks, and cashiers.

I talk about free parking, public washrooms, and rest stops for our travel ontario tourists so they will know where to stop and rest while on their journey along Hwy #3.

We also went to Port Dover Ontario CAnada and did some snap shots of places to visit along Lake Erie. This will be shared with thousands of tourists who enjoying the cycling tours along Lake Erie.

I can recommend a restaurant to stop at, where to find an outhouse or outdoor washroom and interesting events, and community news along the trails.

We also did some hiking as it got cooler in September, so I’ve posted those as well up on idea girl canada wordpress.

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