Alien Radio Signal 6EQUJ5 WOW! UFO Communications Diagrams 180 – 200

the idea girl says
so I’ve been uploading the Diagram’s along with a link to the formula notes and there’s a pattern for long distance outer space communications. A UFO communications device that uses a wormhole to amplify it’s sound.

It’s also giving the wave forms, the algorithms to use and the frequencies that we can achieve. We have to build a space satellite that will capture these communication binary coded messages and translate them into codes that can be read.

It talks alot about using Triangle waves, and the higgs boson particle signals, mixed particles, that collide in the UFO vacuum chamber engine, will combine together with electron ribbon laser beam pencil signals, and transmit the long distance messages that we need for our deep space travels.

I’ve created a playlist up on the idea girl says youtube channel, putting all the diagrams in order from 1 to 193 (has been blogged with formula notes so that you can look at all the WOW! research data.

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