Blogging Writing The Idea Girl SAys Youtube Channel WOW! SETI Signal Video REsearch

Blogging Writing The Idea Girl SAys Youtube Channel WOW! SETI Signal Video REsearch

the idea girl says
I finished uploading the last video for 2016

Diagram 345 WOW! Wormholes Plasma Colliding Nuclei

Now I take a “blogging Break” due to the amount of youtube traffic, it’s a slow process and too frustrating for me to deal with…

so I take a break for the next three weeks, while students enjoy their christmas break.

I will do some more research as I’m working on the diagrams in book 2 of the WOW! alien radio signal research formula notes.

There were over 500 diagrams in book 1, and none alike!

It will be interesting what happens in book two key word formula notes.

It gets into more details as to how the engine will work, and it has more “research notes and links” so it’s going to be blogged differently!

Book 1 had lots of diagrams and short instructions with it.

It shows what the UFO space ship can do…

In books 2,3,4 it gets into more detail as to how it will be built and what parts to put together from world wide inventions and components that are used to build a space ship.

remember all the components are brand new ideas, new inventions and new data that was all marked as USE: UNKNOWN!

So when someone invented something, they tell you what it can DO but they don’t know what it can be used “technology” wise.

The WOW! Alien Radio Signal binary code data messages, show us what to do with these inventions and how to group them together to develop new “space ship” technology.

So far In the first 385 diagrams, it shows us how to build a space elevator, where we use air lift currents and magnetic forces of earth and space ship to take off from earth and get into the ABOVE outer space with minimal fuels burnt. No space rockets are used with this ship, but it will have a “back up” rocket fuel unit to be used should there be a lack of air currents (like in deep space where it’s calm on certain days).

WE have a space communications laser beam device, that allows us to send messages from deep space millions of light years away to earth within minutes or seconds, instead of hours or years…

we have the engineering on how to create wormholes to travel from one galaxy to another in a matter of minutes, hours or months, instead of millions of years to get to an “impossible” destination.

We have a training guide for our astronauts, so they can live in deep space for longer than a year or months… without any health complications…

There’s so much to look at that the video’s will make it hard to see the BIG picture.

Book 2 is large drawings, taking up a whole PAGE, so I’m going to just VIDEO tape them because I’ve run out of “photo” room on the blog and I can see most of you read the “alien space science news wordpress blog ” and ignore the “alien space science news photos wordpress blog”.

The actual sketches are on there for the first 345 diagrams. It’s a lot of links to flip back and forth, so in the future I plan to just do youtube videos. It will be a slower process because it takes over 10 to 20 minutes to upload each video, due to my SLOW internet connection while using FREE WIFI services in the Niagara REgion…

That’s how I do all this blogging for FREE. It has cost me a few hundred dollars to print up the formula notes at .25 cents a page and I’ve never asked for any money from anyone. I just pinch my pennies and use bits of grocery or gas money to pay for it… a little bit here and there, going to print every three months I save up $20 to $30 to pay for the notes.

Then I write them in paper and pen (all over again as I review 5 years of research data) and draw what the keywords mean… They form the pictures that are in my mind, and come to life on paper, and then I video tape it and upload it to the idea girl says youtube channel for you to look at and pass on to other students, professors, or people that build space ships.

It’s a slew of “alien technology” ideas. Where we as humans have to look outside of the box of the normal “physics” we have relied on for hundreds if not thousands of years…

Some of the research data goes back 3,000 to 10,000 years, it’s ancient technology, things that humans did not or could not understand that is brought to our level of understanding in the year of 2016!

Imagine getting a message to build a space ship in 1977 and here we are 39 years later just learning how to “build” it… cool!

I’m glad I was given this project to share with humanity. I feel honored!

I’ll be doing a happy dance once we start building this space ship and going into deep space travel to see other habitable planets. The goal of this project is to go and visit the habitable planet of Kepler 22b which is 16 million light years away!

With our modern day technology it’s impossible for us to get there. With this alien technology it shows us how to get there within a few days (I’m thinking a probe can travel that fast) and two months for our human astronaut ships to make it there.

Star TREK and STAR WARS.. come to life.. for real… that will be cool to look forward too! Right? 🙂

Thanks to all my readers,students and facility members who have shared my ideas on “alien technology” and gone outside of the box of reality and started to write their white papers and do their experiments to further this work! I appreciate each and every one of you!

Enjoy your Christmas break.. I know I will.

Last night we had packing snow! But it melted “pouts” I didn’t get a chance to build a snow man!!!! 🙂

I will if it snows again while I’m on my blogging holiday!


Linda Randall Chisholm 🙂

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