Writing Blogging Alien WOW! Signal Formula Notes Uploading Diagrams Idea Girl SAys Youtube Channel


UFO space ship increases decreases size Higgs Boson Laser Injections linda randall chisholm

Writing Blogging Alien WOW! Signal Formula Notes Uploading Diagrams Idea Girl SAys Youtube Channel


the idea girl says

UFO space ship increases decreases size Higgs Boson Laser Injections based on the Diagrams 394 to 397 instructions on how to use the UFO vacuum chamber particle accelerator engine design.

It’s saying how to accelerate the UFO space ship and decrease it’s speed by making it’s particle collider expand the particles inside of it, which will decrease the speed of the UFO space ship design.

I’m also uploading the idea girl says youtube channel WOW! alien radio signal research video Diagrams.

the keywords, all mean something, so I began to draw them, one at a time,

in BOOK 1, I have over 500 diagrams and each one is DIFFERENT.

so that’s really cool!

It’s alien technology because the instructions on how to build a UFO style space ship are given step by step in it.

In the research videos (over 2,000 of them) there’s science experiments and data from professionals, students and scientists from all over the world – physics, chemistry, space technologies and lab results, all showing in the mining of the binary coded data found in the WOW! alien radio signal 6EQUJ5.

I’m blogging diagrams 390’s, and uploading those diagram photos, along with the notes on them on the y outube channel.

Than I am blogging a cross reference on alien space science news wordpress.

I add the LINE of data video title to the diagram, and it’s formula notes, and instructions.

So far Diagrams 1 to 500 show us 5 different UFO engines, that work separately , yet join into one space ship when needed.  They can also create a travelling wormhole, that separates, and one end stays with Earth, while the other travels with the UFO space ship.

So that we can go across different galaxies of planets in deep space, which is millions of light years in distance away from EArth in a short period of time.

IF we can actually take the time to build this space ship or several of them, we can explore areas of space thought impossible at one time in our lives.

The alien radio signal WOW! is from NASA SETI data from 1977.  I started this project November 2011, and so five years later I’m still working on it… There’s so much more to it.  I thought it would take a year, than three, and than five, and here I am taking forever it seems!

I made a promise that our space technology would advance in 5 years based on this alien technology found in the alien radio signal’s binary code data instructions.  So far it has affected science, physics, chemistry, the LHC Large Hadron Collider test results, and advanced NASA and other space technologies from around the world!

Thank you for sharing your research online, and I find  your data and combine it with other scientists from around the world, so that we can advance our technologies in several areas here on EArth in 2017….


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