Skippy Peanut Butter – Walmart and Retail Stores – No Longer Sold In Canada only in United States of America – A Letter to USA President Donald Trump

Skippy Peanut Butter – Walmart and Retail Stores – No Longer Sold In Canada only in United States of America

quote from hormel – why isn’t skippy peanut butter for sale anymore at walmart in fort erie ontario canada

Thank you for your interest in SKIPPY® Peanut Butter.

As a result of unfavourable economic factors we regret to inform you that effective September 2016 we have discontinued the sale of SKIPPY® Peanut Butter in the Canadian market.

We appreciate that this is difficult news for our loyal fans. However, market conditions at this time do not make it viable for us to continue to offer this product in Canada.

You may purchase SKIPPY® Peanut Butter in the United States.


Consumer Engagement Specialist

the idea girl says
I hope this isn’t due to US President Donald Trump and his initiatives to keep American Business out of Canada.

I really loved Skippy Peanut Butter, but I am also allergic to Kraft Peanut Butter and other peanut butters.

I’ve eaten Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches since I was a baby

I developed an allergy around age 40

and here I am now at 50, unable to get my favorite peanut butter due to “unfavourable economic factors?”

What’s a girl to do?

Come up with an “idea” to deal with these factors!

We need a Skippy Peanut Butter Factory here in Canada, or they need to do some global sales, and make some profits, so that I can have my peanut butter along with thousands of other peanut butter lovers.

I hope President Donald Trump realizes how important it is to keep open trade deals between various countries.

As we can ALL benefit from having a VARIETY of products to buy and sell.

If we all sell DIFFERENT items, then everyone wins….

Because of President Donald Trumps remarks about building a wall between USA and Canada he has made many Canadians feel unwelcomed to spend any of their hard earned dollars on his USA Tourism Industry, or in his USA Grocery Stores, or USA Gas Stations…

It’s time for Mr. President to take a look at the “other” side of life.

Where a penny has more meaning to someone who doesn’t have very many of them.
He needs to remember, that before becoming a billionaire, he was once with a few pennies as a small boy

and he dreamed, one day to have piles of those pennies in a vault.

He needs to remember not all of us follow those dreams, or the opportunities didn’t present themselves over the years…

or if they did, we disregarded them, because we didn’t have the same amount of ambition as he does.

We need to remember the “little guy”

the one without very much in his or her pocket.

It would be much better to be known as the President of the United STates, a historical figure, that not only saved and created jobs for the United States of America, but also helped other world countries develop trade and jobs in their sectors.

There’s so many different products, and billions of people to sell them too.

If they cannot afford to BUY it, then have THEM make something and TRADE it in return for goods.

Thats how our grandparents did it, when in the 1930’s there was a stock market crash and there was NO money.

We all traded things in order to supplies our families needs.

we can keep doing that, and make money as well, we can make a stronger world, instead of just ONE country being strong, one should strive to make ALL countries strong…

it’s the Right thing to do

it’s a blessed thing to do for those of us who believe either in God or other supernatural forces….


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