Playground Noise Crystal Ridge Library Ridgeway CEO Craig Shufelt Phone Interview with Linda Chisholm

Playground Noise Crystal Ridge Library Ridgeway CEO Craig Shufelt Phone Interview with Linda Chisholm
the idea girl says
I talked to CEO Craig Shufelt about the lovely playground noise problem at the Crystal Ridge Library on Ridge Rd in Ridgeway Ontario Canada

He’s looking for suggestions to change the layout of the library and make it less noisy for the kids to have some play time.

Many of the patrons here are retired, and teens.

There’s the odd few adults that use the free wifi computers for their resume updates, PDF file projects or just general emails to friends and family.

The Teens and younger kids love to play video games along the back wall so that can get noisy and the librarian’s have to constantly ask them to keep it down or to put on head sets to minimize the noise.

HOwever, our little 2 to 4 year old children don’t know how to PLAY quietly…. It’s not done at home, so why would it be elsewhere?

What They need here is a playroom, self contained and noise proof.
What they will need to achieve that goal is private funding from the community.

It would be awesome to have an indoor play ground here in Ridgeway, close by the library or built onto the library.

A play space, study space, conference room and other events, you would have to expand on the space you have here, and build towards the back lots. Where there is parking it can be moved to the back or sides.

The play space needs to be doubled in size because there’s around 6 children here now and they are bumping into one another, which could lead to a injury and a case of being sued.

The planning and idea was nice to bring more “people” to the library… however it’s a tradition for our libraries to be quiet so we can “study and concentrate” on our projects!

I have agreed to have a meeting with Craig to help give some ideas about this and how it can be fixed. 🙂

after all, I am the idea girl….


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