CRystal Beach Ontario CAnada – Community News Harry’s Mug on FAcebook, Donations Games


Harry’s Mug – Fridays 1st & 3rd Crystal Ridge Community church Elmwood Ave in Crystal Beach Ontario 7 to 9 pm

CRystal Beach Ontario CAnada – Community News Harry’s Mug on FAcebook, Donations Games Harry’s Mug – Fridays 1st & 3rd Crystal Ridge Community church 241 Elmwood Ave in Crystal Beach Ontario 7 to 9 pm est.

The idea girl says

We have games!

Thank you for the donations!

Harry and I walked into the Goodwill Retail Store in Welland Ontario Canada that is across from the Welland Hospital.

We showed the “Harry’s Mug” flyer to the manager and asked if he would be able to donate some “games.”

We explained that “Harry’s Mug” is a non profit organization, and we will be relying on donations for games and snack foods from the Community in the Niagara Region Ontario Canada.

Goodwill was kind enough to provide a Yahtzee game, checkers and bingo game which is for several players.  So this is really a blessing!

Kathy donated a scrabble game and snakes and chutes game (you play it the same way as snakes and ladders)

Georgia and Allan are donating a Rummy-O and Dominoes Games as well.

We put flyers up at laundromats, avondale stores, and plan to put some more up at community help and food banks.

We’ve invited “ugly mug” to come and join us.  They meet every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month in St Catharines Ontario CAnada at the REZ Church on Queenston Street at the lights (Tasker St and Oakdale Ave meet up with Queenston Street) beside Fabio’s Pizzeria.

Limited parking in the lot, so you can also park out on the street (free after 6 pm).

It’s a drop in centre for the homeless and they provide food, snacks, coffee, cold drinks and people play card games or board games, depending on what they feel like doing.

It’s a community night.  Harold and I wanted to have a “community fun night” here in Crystal Beach Ontario Canada so were going to host this event at the Crystal Ridge Community Church (thanks to them for donating the room for our use!)

We have several volunteers helping with baking some yummy goodies for you and serving.

It’s exciting to be doing something for the community here.  Were also involved in other activities to build up this small cottage country style community that has so much to offer the local travel and tourism industry.


Anyone is welcome, adults only, thanks!


Please “like” the page and send it to your friends.. I’ve posted an events schedule on there for February 2017




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