FAcebook Create Pages – Ugly Mug, The Clothing Depot, Linda’s Cupboard, Crystal Ridge Tourism and Harry’s Mug Community Projects Harold Linda Chisholm

FAcebook Create Pages – Ugly Mug, The Clothing Depot, Linda’s Cupboard and Harry’s Mug Community Projects Harold Linda Chisholm


the idea girl says

This week I started my community projects online.  I made Facebook pages for each of my volunteer activities that both Harold and I are busy doing.

We have been with Ugly Mug for 4 years, The Clothing Depot for 3 years, Harry’s Mug 2 months and Linda’s Cupboard is beginning in March 2017.

Actually when it comes to food donations, Harold and I have been doing it for many years, but never “organized it” into a bigger community project.

I’ve always said, “If I win a million dollars or a lotto ticket, I’ll start a food bank.”

Then I’m like, why wait until you win millions? Why not start your dream now?

I wanted to expand my career options this year.

Blogging is fun, but I wanted to do more for my community here in Fort ERie, Ridgeway, Stevensville, Crystal Beach and Sherkston Ontario Canada.

For three years or more, Harold and I did video blogging of places to go, eat and enjoy as a tourist or local.

The Tourism Industry has grown in Niagara Falls, St Catharines and Niagara on the Lake, and now it’s working for Fort Erie.

Our next area  is Ridgeway, Crystal Beach and Stevensville.

Each year I focus on doing “tourism” market ideas for an area, and then expand on them.

We’ve joined local community groups to help them in any way we possibly can.

The Clothing Depot – I’ve help to organize the sizing for men, women and children’s clothing as well as give ideas on how to make a room for it which is completed now.

Harry’s Mug – our adult social night is a spin off from Ugly Mug which we’ve been a part of for four years in St Catharines.  We couldn’t fit everyone in the car rides to St Catharines, so why not start another one in Crystal Beach?  So that’s what we did. And it’s been something they’ve wanted for the past 5 years…. and now it’s here!

Linda’s Cupboard – my brain child.  I’ve always seen what is given at the food banks and wanted to expand the food choices.  So I’m going to help add more vegetables, fruits, meats and baking goods to our “Lighthouse Diner” community luncheon program every thursday, and Harry’s Mug every other Friday night.

I don’t have very much storage room, so I cannot do my “diabetic food bank” idea yet. So I’m going to start small, really small (a tiny corner in my home) and hopefully be able to expand it to the local food banks here in this area…. (that’s my goal!)

I’m going to finish my science project for the WOW! signal diagrams for book 1, then I’m taking a break and working on these new projects.  I have done the research for 5 years, and blogged it slowly as I worked on it.

My community needs my ideas, and help so I’m going to work on them and get it going…

I also created a Facebook page for Crystal Ridge Tourism, a combination of Crystal Beach and Ridgeway photos that Harold and I have taken over the past few years, for places we visited or video blogged about… To help with the Tourism Industry here…







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