Linda’s Cupboard – Harry’s Mug, Lighthouse Diner, Crystal Ridge Community Church, Station #1 Firehall Fort Erie, Salvation Army Food Bank Fort Erie

Linda’s Cupboard – Harry’s Mug, Lighthouse Diner, Crystal Ridge Community Church, Station #1 Firehall Fort Erie, Salvation Army Food Bank Fort Erie

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the idea girl says

I’ve been busy writing up my Linda’s Cupboard – Food Exchange Program Participants and Teams flyers.  I’ve also created a Food Survey for my participants to fill out to find out what kinds of foods they normally cannot afford to buy.

I created the first event to begin April 14, 2017, from 5:30 pm to 6:15pm  at Harry’s Mug which is an adult social and games night for the community to enjoy for free, it runs from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm every other friday at the crystal ridge community church hall, 241 elmwood avenue, crystal beach ontario canada

I’ve written up the goals of what Linda’s Cupboard plans to do (provide fresh fruits, vegetables and meat to the local community luncheons, suppers and food banks in the Fort Erie, Ridgeway, Crystal Beach, and Stevensville Ontario Canada area).

I also plan to help out the Salvation Army Mobile Truck which needs 1,000 pounds of food donated each week, along with our local food banks that help out over 1200 families each month, not sure what the singles tallies are…

I’ll have to gather more research on that by talking to the different food banks, and programs in the area.

This is all based on a DREAM a vision… I used to dream about winning a lottery and having millions of dollars, and one of the first goals I had if that ever happened was to begin a food bank for diabetics.

I sat day dreaming one day and this little quiet voice said in a dream , “why win millions to do this? why not start it without the millions and see where God can take this idea?”

So I’ve taken the plunge, literally!

Harry took a social night for adults idea and we made it a reality within a 2 week period of planning. 😉

thanks to our UGLY MUG people, for inspiring us for the past 4 years, we decided we could try and do the same ideas (and expand it into our own thing) in Crystal Beach Ontario CAnada.

Our original plan was to help the homeless in the area, then we found out, lots of people want to socialize but many times cannot afford to do so….

that’s where Harry’s Mug comes in.  we provide a social environment that doesn’t cost anyone a dime (unless they want to donate food to our non profit cause lol)

Linda’s Cupboard is my brain child.  I’ve added it to Harry’s Mug so that people in the community can start to eat more nutritious meals without it costing them an arm and a leg for their vegetables, fruits and meats.

I started the program on my own years ago (not named) with family and friends, and we saved hundreds of dollars on food costs by doing it.

I was able at one time to feed a family of four on $30.00 a week, but I didn’t have very much…

I’ve lived homeless and without hardly any money for a very long time.  I’ve learned how to stretch a penny or a dollar, so now I’m going to teach my community how to do it too, and how to live a happier life, without the stress and worries of not having enough food in one’s cupboard or fridge to last them until next month’s pay check….

That’s what it’s all about… helping people live a better life and be happier and healthier!

you can see the events when they are scheduled and where on my facebook page for linda’s cupboard…

you can see the dates of when it will be at harrys mug

and the Lighthouse Diner here



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