Linda’s Cupboard Gives away 300 pounds of Food with Donations and a Food Sharing Program TEam Participants

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the idea girl says

what do you DREAM about?

What’s your vision for your community?

Many times I told Harry – When I win a MILLION dollars from the Lottery I’ll start my Food Bank idea for fresh vegetables, fruits and meats…..


Then I was praying and meditating a few months ago and this little voice says to me, “Why do you have to win a million dollars? I can help you do your dream NOW….”

I’m like right, how am I going to do this massive project, feed over 1200 families and hundreds of people across the Niagara Region and then add it to Canada and other countries? (yeah talk about a BIG Vision!)

How does one stop families and people from being hungry?

We ask the government for funding for our food banks. we are constantly whining that we don’t have enough money for food …. Which yes it’s true, it’s a problem.

But what do I do? I’m the “idea girl” what can I do to help this issue?

I write down an idea, and take steps to implement it, one step at a time.

and here I am a few weeks later… giving over 300 pounds of fresh vegetables to local food banks, community luncheons and helping people save on their grocery bills.

I’m going to have to create a PDF type file, and I’m thinking a video for youtube, and a Microsoft Power Point Presentation to TEACH people how to stretch those (can’t say pennies… I dont’ have any lol), those dimes, nickels, quarters, loonies, toonies, fives, tens, twenties and some of us fifties, and hundred dollar bills?

So what did I do before when I didn’t have any money?

I shared my groceries with others in the same boat.

We’d share milk, cheese, meat, cereal, vegetables, fruits, anything we could buy in bulk when on SALE we’d divide it between us.

It was only three families then.

Now I’m doing it with ten families and that’s only in the last 3 days…..

They all jumped on board, because my opening line was… what can’t you afford to buy for your family – fruits, meats, vegetables?

the answer was EVERYTHING!

THen I told them I have a plan to change that for you?

Oh yeah? what…

Let’s buy bulk items, share our grocery money so we get everything we need…

how do we do that?

I love to shop.

I love to find deals and find the cheapest prices possible.

I look at certain “warehouse” prices to see if they are cheaper than the local grocery stores.

Only a few things were.. mostly it’s MORE than what I can get it on sale for certain things,

but other things did save a good amount of money if I bought LOTS of it.

So that’s what I’m doing.

helping my “linda’s cupboard team participants” save money.

I’m going to keep it small because it took me over 25 hours this week, doing a few runs to a few grocery stores, the food banks, etc.

I have to work on the donations next from corporations, warehouses and local farmers, fruit stands, grocers…

that’s in my plan B… which I plan to start next week!

this week, I did some deliveries to some families, and took food to two food banks and three community luncheons….

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