Harry’s Mug BBQ Family Games Nights for the Summer in Crystal Beach Ontario Canada

the idea girl says
Harold and I are hosting Harry’s Mug, along with a few volunteers, every other Friday night at the Crystal Ridge Community Church Hall, 241 Elmwood Ave, Crystal Beach Ontario Canada

this friday may 26th, 2017 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm were putting on a BBQ

serving free
hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, pop, salad, cookies and any other goodies that are donated for this evening of fun and games (if you wish to play)

we changed it from an adult games night to family games night so that teenagers, 12 and above can come out and play games or just sit and visit with their families.
parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, they can all come out and join in the fun!

we’d also like to invite our local tourists from any campground, RV resort, hotel or motel to also come out and join us in an relaxed setting where you can walk in, grab a bite to eat and chat with people, or you can just sit alone by yourself in the comfortable chairs there.

some people come to eat, than leave, others stay to visit, while others enjoy playing card and board games with each other….

you don’t have to stay for the whole 3 hours, it’s open for you to come and go as you please (kind of like an open house would be like)

any and all are welcome… we ask only non alcoholic beverages be brought on the premises, and there is no gambling allowed with our card games

also any families are asked to bring your own games if you wish and we can share them with others and then you take them home with you

indoor and outdoor games are welcomed
bring a lawn chair if you wish to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air
in the summer we will have the air conditioning on so you can come in and cool off for the evening and sit and relax and enjoy yourself!

see photos of our food, and snacks and the dining hall we host harry’s mug in

on facebook 🙂

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